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  • You are welcome…looking forward to your renders.

  • Yeah thanks, and i will play with that to get the glossynes that i want, thank you for your help

  • Ok, so that's how it looks? Do you want it to have more gloss or less etc…, I'm not sure if you are asking something or merely showing me your result?

    When asking for assistance, be specific and provide as much info as possible...just makes it easier for those trying to help you.

    I'll assume for now that result is with the exact settings I gave you. Looking at the girl on her back, left wrist, there is quite a bit of reflection going on there. Your scene is using low and soft lighting, so if you want more glossiness try reducing roughness a bit and push reflectivity up as well. But, you need to play with these settings over multiple renders and see which is best suited for your scene.

    Let us know if you need more assistance.

  • Here:
    thats how it look, if you want with another kind of light i will make other one

  • You did say in your creative works thread that you are using iRay;
    In your shader settings try this as a start:

    Metallicity = 0
    Glossy Layered Weight = 1
    Glossy Color = 1 for all (you can fiddle with this later)
    Glossy Reflectivity = 0.5
    Glossy Roughness = 0.3

    Get a pic up of your result and share your settings; make sure your scene has at least one good key light and don't just rely on environment lighting for testing.

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