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  • Understand you just fine Loki.
    No pressure, take your time and post whenever you are ready and able.
    Looking forward to watch your progress

  • I been using daz3d for a month i guess and no, this is the first time that i use a 3d program and i wanna learn how to model in zbrush, yes im using iray, i want to use her for an history and for work in my skill, i havent think in her story or her name (still working on her to make her look better), its a gen3F (irelia) and yes gen3m gens (i dont have gender mix so i have to match it with the gen3F) for now futa is te only genre that im interested, i will upload a few shots in the nex days

    Pd: my english is bad, i hope you can understand :)

  • Hi Loki and welcome.
    It's always good to see new folk getting involved in our community and sharing their work.

    How long you been using Daz3D?
    Have you used other 3D applications before?
    Are you rendering with Iray?
    Is this a test peace to work on you skills or a character you intend building up for a story? If so…
    Tell us a little more about her.
    Is that a Gen3 character with Gen3M gens?
    Lets have a few more shots of her in different poses, both standing and otherwise.
    Is futa the only genre you are interested in?

    :) enough with the questions already!!!

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