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  • That's one of the main reasons I have never pursued the "paid" training offerings: I have no guarantee of the quality. I've seen people that can do amazing art, but can't teach you what they know about a program because they suck at relaying information effectively.<br /><br />The other ones I hate are the real-time videos with all the umm and ahhh and uhh, and "what you wanna do is, you wanna..". You wanna not repeat yourself, doofus. Write your script, follow it as you film it, then do the voice-over separately so you can fast-forward through multiple repetitive functions (if you're repeating a given function that is not necessarily the focus of the training).<br /><br />The best way is to do the "Cooking Show" format: "Ok, so we're going to do marinated, battered/breaded chicken, so first we need these ingredients for our marinade and we put the chicken in it like so and stick it in the fridge for a few hours" <removes chicken that's already been marinating in the fridge for a few hours to go to the next step> "now we need these ingredients for our breading/batter, and we put them all in a bowl and mix it like so, then we take our chicken and dip it in the breading/batter like so, then we prepare the pan/pot like so, then we put the pot/pan in the oven at 450 for 20 minutes" <removes pan/pot from oven that has already been in for 20 minutes at 450> "and there you have it."<br /><br />And don't get me started on over-sensitive headset mics and the smacking noises the author makes, or the incessant clickity-clack of certain keyboards and mice, or when someone can't turn off their Notifications for various other apps when they're making a video, or won't disable their Windows sounds for it.

  • I haven't paid for training like that, but I've seen a few videos where it's clear the guy has a rough outline in his head, but got to the actual recording and couldn't do anything coherent or took forever to get to the point. I usually bail pretty fast on that.

    I haven't bought training in years, but back when I first learned 3D and Maya, both DT and, especially, Gnomen School were always reliable and worth even a considerable chunk for a DVD (which tells you how long ago that was :p)

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