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  • yup i've been struggling with my lil experiment the last few days and really, there was a much easier way !
    i've posted my troubles on daz forum and the 1 clic magic was given by Josh:

    applying this method on a g2f will modify its core geometry. A new instance of g2f will appear as grey blocks. if it happens, just reinstal genesis 2 starter content.
    You have to create a new figure from your basic g2f and apply all modification on that new figure:

    load a g2f, save as figure/prop, load this new figure, proceed with modification noted below.

    once the merging geometry is done, you can delete the geograft from the figure and tada, its fully merged with it, its morphs accessible from Actor parameter.

    my merged figure lost its subd in the process, so apply again.

    save as figure and it should be done !

    rendered in octane, deleted the normal node that caused the (ex)geograft to cast a shadow on the figure.

  • EDIT:

    Ok, I just did this to test it, and the first way I had it written didn't work. You have to save it as a Scene to keep all the attachments.

    So once you've got all your genitals attached in Daz, go to File/Save As/Scene, but save it to the Content/People/Genesis 2 Female/Characters folder of your Library to have it show up in the Smart Content/Figures/People/Female list.

    Right-click on the library icon and select Merge into scene to load the figure.

    Originally I had suggested that you can save the propped figure as a Figure/Prop asset, but that just saves the morphs you've applied, not the props/add-ons.

  • Interesting. I've been building a library of pre-genitaled G2Fs within Daz. It saves them to the Unassigned>Set section of the Smart Content tree.

    I forget the exact Save options I selected. I'm calculating a physics sim in Daz at the moment, but I'll check once that's done.

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