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  • Ok, well, it wasn't working in DS 4.8 - some sort of issue with Iray and the Particle engine I suppose, but it works with 4.9

    It doesn't do meta-balls, so particles don't merge for a more natural appearance, but that could change one day (if someone can figure out how to make DS do meta-balls, or if SimTenero adds a dynamic morphing operation to the spawned particles so they at least blend into each other and give the illusion of meta-balling).

    Here's a still shot from a very short sequence, using materials that came with the plugin.

  • I would love to see what you come up with!

  • Sounds interesting. Would love to see the results you achieved with it.

  • And the name of this addon? I cannot find it on the official page.

  • I saw a video a while back of Blender's fluid simulator and was highly impressed with it (guy setting up a render of a tilting wine glass with sloshing wine in it).
    I still cannot stand the interface, though. It seems you have to be a pro DOS gamer who only uses the keyboard to make it do anything besides open and close.

    The collision issue may have been due to the pose I was using, as the Abdomen2 may have been stretched back too far. I changed it up so she's jizzing onto her chest instead, and due to her body angle, it rolls off the side of her neck. I thought it was going through the seam there, but it's not, so that's when I figured it was just the Abdomen joint being stretched too far.

    Might try the geometry shell. Sounds better than trying to cram extra collision surfaces at every joint.

    First things first: You find it in the Content Library, not the Smart Content, under Scripts. You have to expand the tree and load an Emitter first (includes both Iray and 3Delight versions), then go back to the directory root to run the Script. Took me a minute or two to get that sorted out.

    The default setting spits out giant balls (somewhere between golf and tennis balls), but that can be resized in the Script's dialog, as well as frame start/end, lifetime (tied directly to frame count - default lifetime of 1.20 = 120 frames). You can also set the "fire rate", but the default 180/second seems to work just fine.

    Meta Flow had the issue where reducing the particle scale (which by default was also way huge) meant you also had to increase rate. This one doesn't have that issue so far. However, like I said before, it also doesn't have meatball physics where the particles merge to form a stream, they're just really close together, like little beads.

    Hopefully I can get it to render a short video without crashing again. Rendering using 2 GTX 780 Ti, and using the default settings, it calculates and preview-renders fast, but the size reduction (cut down from 1.0 to 0.25 looks more realistic) with 500 frames is going really slow. It goes into "Not Responding" for a minute or so, then unfreezes and continues, so that might need to be mentioned. If it looks like it's locked up, give it a minute to see if it unlocks rather than spamming the End Task function. I'm not seeing any massive CPU or RAM strain, so it's calculating during the lock-ups, apparently.

    Anyway, it makes two passes on the calculation, and generates two particle trails in the hierarchy. It comes with a set of Iray materials, including a milky white :D
    However, I've yet to get it to render anything beyond the Preview, and I'm not sure if you can set the particle material after calculating the simulation. I would think so, since it's basically generating meshes in the scene.

    You can apply a material to the emitter, and the Script dialog allows you to set the same material to the particles.

    Further, reducing the particle velocity changes where along the emitter's shape it starts from. The emitter is a 3D arrow indicating direction of flow, and it's almost as long as G2F's hand, as a point of reference.
    With the default settings (6.50), the particles generate at the tip of the arrow, but with the velocity at 2, they generate from nearer the base of the arrow's shaft (haven't zoomed all the way in to see how close, but I'd imagine at the lowest setting it would generate right from the base of the mesh). It takes a couple of tries to get the right position for the emitter along whatever you're attaching it to (pecker, shower head, garden hose, whatever), but once you see how the emitter behaves it should be easy to eyeball.

    Definitely want to parent the emitter to the tip of the penis, if that's what you're using (and really, who isn't), so it follows the figure posing.

    Not sure if it will calculate the simulation throughout an animation where the penis is moving, haven't gotten that far. If you calculate the simulation first and then set the pose, the particle trail will generate from the point it originally calculated, so you'll have it going off in the wrong direction if you mess that up.

  • @'Nuke':

    I hate to send it as a "bug report" to the creator, just in case they get all pissy about using their liquid particle system to do jizz, Maybe if I do just a standard Taking A Shower scene to illustrate the issue and send that along, rather than the "Sorority Sisters' Cumbath Initiation" scene I've got in mind :lol:

    The creator mentioned on the Daz forums that Daz isn't set-up to handle collision. So, yeah, could be tricky. Maybe try a geometry shell to block the seams?

    I despaired of ever getting Blender's fluid simulator to work well so I'm tentatively excited about this software. Let us know your results!

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