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  • I've been using 3 for a few months now and the only palpable difference I noticed is that is starts the render less smoothly. Takes it a while to pick up steam and hit maximum samples per second and when it does it is slightly faster.

    So not really a massive upgrade but for 50$ might as well. After giving Iray a go I'm perfectly willing to throw more money at Otoy.

  • What?! Octane 4 already and 3 isn't out yet?!

    At least they knew the issue there and made the upgrade half the price than before.

  • ds plugin is rock solid meanwhile since developer changed few months ago. speed increase is around 10-20% depending on what you use or do in your scenes ( blingbling / reflections / bump maps / sss )

  • @'rikolo':

    not sure if I fail at math, but Octane 3 is going to cost LESS than Octane 2 does now?

    Site says 2.x is 299 Euro. 3 will be $399.

    $50 for the upgrade is pretty sweet. I haven't used Poser since DS 4.9, but I'm at least curious. Maybe they can make the plugin stable for DS.

  • Shit only 50 a pop? I for the most part had not intended to jump to version 3… but now...

  • not sure if I fail at math, but Octane 3 is going to cost LESS than Octane 2 does now?

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