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  • "Learn portions sizes. Since you've been following a high-fat diet, you may need to review the appropriate serving sizes for protein, carbs, and fats so you don't overdo it," Hughes said. "Some people forget on a balanced diet you should avoid excessive amounts of sour cream, cheese, and bacon." "At those times, the Isogenesis Keto is no longer the appropriate eating plan. The length of time is individualized and based on the person's goals."

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    According to Israetel, the fake sugars won't knock you out of ketosis. “It can take up to a week to enter ketosis once you start following the diet?,” said Smith, who said dieters can check ketone levels via blood, breath or urine tests to ensure they stay between 0.5 and 3mg/dL. Non-starchy vegetables are OK , but most fruits and fruit juices are off limits , along with oatmeal, bread, cereal, and crackers. And if you want to stick to a strict keto diet, booze is largely off the menu.

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