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  • Hi
    can i chat with more than 1 members in 1 window?
    i mean somebody say something and all others can read this and the answer from an other chater
    do you understand?

    pls answer in german if you can
    or in english


  • I did a few images some years ago with Aiko 3 with a double-dong setup - she sucked one while her g/f sucked the other, then she pounded both her g/f's holes simultaneously.

    Getting them separated to appear somewhat "natural" (as much as could be expected of such a condition) was problematic, and the only way I could do it was to have them split from the same base point at the hip.

    For a sci-fi/fantasy setting, I'd say the bi-penal figure would need either an elongated hip area or some other fantasy form to do it convincingly, just as Shiva would need an elongated torso to reasonably fit the extra pair of arms.
    Simply placing one above the other is awkward visually, but then since it doesn't occur in human nature, there's really no precedent or guide on the best way to achieve the effect without it "hurting the eyes" so to speak.

    I suppose one could take a cue from nature regarding two-headed snakes, where instead of splitting out of a common base at the hip, the second splits out along the shaft. However, do you go side-by-side or double-decker? I guess that would be up to the individual artist. I could see both working.

    As for attaching them to the figure, I've actually had better success bringing the OMGDK2 into the scene as a prop rather than its geografted form. I can manually position it so the Hip is inside the Hip of G2F, and only have to fight with the skin color of the actual penis, as the Hip still has issues with that. You still get full morph control, and you can easily parent it to the Pelvis.

  • Cool that 2D artists are coming around a bit. Perhaps 3D art is increasing in popularity? The why is intriguing.

  • Okay first of all that's awesome work.

    Messy…I can imagine. Does it act like it only wants to use one so you have to keep fiddling with the ssecondary? Do the controls for the gens act hit-or-miss on you?

    @Gator: Yeah I kind of figure some of the shit I'm thinking of is going to require custom work. Hence I have so many classifications in your thread. I've said it before: I have some no-no areas, some I haven't mentioned while others are obvious enough; some are specialized and while perhaps little audience for those it is sure to get some kind of recognition. Actually with the 2D scene, I notice some of them are coming around to us here at the 3D scene for collaborations--it'd behoove us to answer when opportunity knocks. Even if you're vanilla.

  • Funny you should mention that. I had William sprout a second dong from a potion in one of my titles. Then they joined together into 1 giant dong later in the story.

    In this case - it was just two Ulfgens stuck together and parented on. Little messy really. I would love someone to make a super duper geografted double dong that uses G3M maps, but we don't even have a regular aftermarket dong for dude at the moment. Sad.

  • Meh from me, although I'm not into futa or trannies. Sounds like diving much deeper into niches, I wouldn't expect much of an audience for it.

    As you've imagined, I also imagine it would be more difficult as you're looking at custom grafting.

    Sorry I have zero technical input for ya, other than Zbrush is frickin' expensive which you already know. :)

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