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  • The theme, really?
    Aren't wordpress themes not just a bunch of html template files plus some stylesheets and javascript files, for an individual page look&feel?
    If I had to guess I'd say the huge amount of additional resources is "heavy weight". While loading the frontpage the browser makes almost 140 requests (and most of them to this domain) and if nothing is cached roughly 3MB of data are transferred (which I find quite a lot for a single, static page). The darkway png file needs1.8MB alone (I'd really convert this to a jpeg…). There are also quite a lot of small (yet uncompressed) .css files and and many .js files. Are all these jQuery plugins necessary? I mean there are 3 different plugins to generate a slideshow for instance.... I personally wouldn't host banners here either, but load them from the other domain.
    None of this is super critical (except maybe the png file) due to caching... some cleanup never hurts though. A lot of stuff that is currently done with images and css can be done with pure css nowadays.

  • administrators

    Yes apparently the theme is heavy weight and so it's not really they're fault for taking drastic action - first they just cut you off and then it takes several hours to get them to switch it back on and apparently once up the site was still causing load and they panicked and turned off the theme, since the site is currently sitting on a shared server.

    The good news I've decided to upgrade a little earlier than planned. The server move should occur over the next couple of days, if all goes well it should be pretty seamless :) There's a good upgrade path involved with that so downtime should be at a minimum for the foreseeable future.

  • @'Nephanor':

    When dealing with them, may I suggest a sledgehammer?

    I recommend a sawn off mossberg 12 guage on the table, works all the time

  • @'Nephanor':

    When dealing with them, may I suggest a sledgehammer?


  • From what I've gathered, the theme caused problems with the site crashing. Miro must've changed it out until he finds a solution. I'm guessing a new theme is imminent. :)

  • What the fudge has happened to the main page :O :(

  • When dealing with them, may I suggest a sledgehammer?

  • The site is back up since the middle of yesterday. Took longer than we expected, but everything's up and running.

  • yes this is very sad, I hope the miro gets quickly back into the handle

  • administrators

    Having issues with my host again, due to server load.
    Trying to resolve the situation with them asap, but they're definitely more stubborn this time

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