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  • Awesome. I love your work, especially Brianna, but this is a nice change of style.

  • Very nice image mate. I like the mood, the expression on her face and the detail of him grabbing her cheeks and having it deform a bit from that. Very nicely done and also a good angle to capture the whole pose and make it look interesting.

    Probably add some more details to the bed, like sheets and pillows a few things on the walls, like paintings or pictures and think about a cheesy story with some peeping guy that has the hots for the girl since a few years and this guy who is now fucking her is a guy that he knows from his sports club and it happens that he only met her a few days ago and the peeper is being mad at this guy fucking his dreamgirl but still cant stop fapping to it LOL… man, I got a dirty mind :)

    You could probably turn this into a series and sell it on renderotica store or something :D

  • Nothing fancy this time, just playing with some camera placing. I was going for the whole peeping into someones windows late at night (not that I'm a peeper lol) and this would be one of the things you'd see possibly. I'm going to cook another render up with this same scene going in to capture more details up close. I just gotta take a break on this one. Been working this one pretty hard the last few days and seems Melody's been working pretty hard too. :)



    What material are you using(daz,poser?) and what tool are you using for your render?I appreciate your render, it looks so real

    All posing is done in Poser, then the scene is exported to 3d max and rendered using vray materials. I don't do any material work in Poser.

  • What material are you using(daz,poser?) and what tool are you using for your render?I appreciate your render, it looks so real

  • Oh okay, I didnt notice that before. Gotta try this one out next time I start up C4d :)

  • Thanks a lot hzr for the compliment. Pretty much all the render is straight from the render. The only actual post work I did was some minor color editing (color filter) in photoshop and contrast. Other than that, everything pretty much is at it came out the renderer. The soft look can be achieved in vray with the lens effect which has bloom and glare effects for the vray physical cameras.

  • Great result. Looks really soft and almost like some glamour shot. Used any postwork or is this almost default renderoutput?

  • Just bringing melody back for a good pussy shot and sexy hair. ;) Think it's time to get her pumpin' here pretty soon. :)


  • Much better now!

  • Did some updating on this, trying to tune this girl in before going prime. Hope the changes were for the better though.

    Main changes are lighting, bump levels on skin, breast size, and some facial changes.


  • Okay, you asked for critiques.
    While your male character has a little too strong bump-map, Melody needs a little bit more and some irregularities on her skin. Her boobs seems out of any force of gravity. The breasts' size doesnt matter but they should look natural.

    I like your idea caring for details and no mass production. Quality counts, not numbers of output.

  • Just a little bit of a question for you guys, but someone mentioned to me that maybe she would look better with a larger rack on her. Do you guys think she looks good with smaller boobs like this or should I try and go a few sizes larger?

    I kind of pondered the idea that maybe a bit more of a handful of some good squeezable boobs would look alright, but in a way I think I kind of like them now. I'm about 50/50. I just don't want to change her up back and forth too much. Right now it's still somewhat in a good testing phase so maybe taking votes now and working out the details would be good.

  • Thanks a lot guys. Glad she made a nice impression. I will definitely be putting her to work in between some other stuff I'll be working on. There is one area I really think I need to work on next, and that's the good ol' love box. I really never spend much time in that area, so I think maybe my next scene will kind of emphasize that area a bit more.

    Ha, supro, good idea bro. I kind of forgot all about that banana. Maybe I'll have to try and creatively squeeze one in there in a future scene. ;)

  • Hey Mel, how you doin'?

  • I agree. I want to see more of her too. Maybe with a banana? :)

  • Very nice. More of her ;)

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