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  • Its not really a pure 3dx game, but I have a chess game (LoveChess: Age of Egypt) where if a chesspiece is taken it gets fucked by the piece that took it (the pieces look like naked warriors, not actual chesspieces)

    I'd like to see something like that game, but with interactive, more explicitly sexual and much better graphics

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    I think my favorite 3dx game so far would have to be artificial girl 3, fun times dressing her up in skimpy clothes and trying to chat her up. You could make her titties gigantic, which was the best part of course :D

    A mmo type of game like red light is an interesting concept, the graphics are actually pretty decent already, but I wonder how many girls actually play that game, which is kinda needed for a game like that I think.

  • Might be worth checking into. I am pretty sure that I will be trying out something with 3d game engines in the near future, no matter if they "allow" porn or not. As long as Im not selling it they cant forbid anything, lol :)

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    Wait, isn't Unity open source? And doesn't that mean they wouldn't exclude porn… or am I wrong?

  • Since we're talking about games, not just 3dx, I prefer something with a bit more challenge and interactivity than Sexvilla or the popular h-games.

    Something that has a prelude, like Scorevilla or Nightstud, and the sex scenes have a puzzle to them. I'm thinking something along the lines of Tifa's Swingy Ass, where you need to have the right sequence of short/deep thrust to get to the next stage (or powerup). Basically, each pose/scene is a mini game. Another example of such scene is Konashion's SuperDeepThroat. Those games have some clear, simple yet workable and fun ideas.

  • Slavemaker. If you haven't played it it's pretty awesome. I've been thinking about making something like it for a good long while.

  • There is still this perception, that video games are for kids. And most of the parents may be fine with games where their kids can decapitate people in numerous spectacular and bloody ways, but a pair of boobs… nah, that could ruin their childhood.
    A game with Adults Only rating is a hard sell, very hard... or at least that's what I've heard. Because this nonsense is brought to us courtesy of Uncle Sam's hypocrisy. In Europe games with violence and/or sex have rating "18" (rated by PEGI). By ESRB's standards, violence is "Mature 17+ (M)", only sex (and maybe some extreme violence and gore) would give you "Adults Only 18+ (AO)".

  • Probably not. I assume that once this gets relatively easy to make we will see alot of porn type games. But right now its easier and cheaper to just get a few willing actors and shoot your own porn movie than creating something in a 3d environment, at least something with really good quality that is :)

  • yea graphical quality (or lack thereof) does seem to be a big drawback with some of the games I've played, even when the quality options are cranked up, its still pretty "meh"

    I couldnt imagine going to my local videogame store and finding an adult game section (although they do exist in some japanese gamestores), and frankly I wouldnt touch anything that had a power supply cable with my cock :D

    Maybe if a game offered the player a chance to choreograph something ahead of time, then sit back and enjoy that would overcome the multi-tasking problem?

    It does seem like a relatively untapped market, maybe someone, or some company out there right now is working on this?

  • @'hzr':

    I actually own sexvilla2 and downloaded quite a few custom poses etc, also did a few poses with the built in creation system they have. Its a pretty neat thing and I would love to see something like that in a powerful engine. Something like Cryengine or Unity would be great.

    Cryengine would be out of the question since it would cost $1.2 million to get for a commercial license, so unless Brazzers or Vivid wanted to, don't expect a porn gaming company to put that down. Maybe Unity since the base price is about $1,500. But then you have to see whether or not it's allowed in the terms of service to make a game with pornographic content. Darn legal mumbo jumbo.

    That would be nice to games that looked like this generation and not early PS2 graphics.


    Given the big market for videogames, and the big market for porn, is it surprising that no-one has really made a product that has had a lot of impact?

    Do you think it might have something to do with the "multi-tasking" that would be required to play a 3dx videogame?

    Problem is retail. If retail doesn't want to sell your game, you're fucked. The AO rating is like the death knell for a game since no one wants to touch it. And when retail stores or a download service like Steam doesn't sell it, you're basically gonna have to really fight to get sales elsewhere.

    And of course, multi-tasking is gonna be a problem. Unless you have one of those peripherals that you control with your cock. :D

  • I actually own sexvilla2 and downloaded quite a few custom poses etc, also did a few poses with the built in creation system they have. Its a pretty neat thing and I would love to see something like that in a powerful engine. Something like Cryengine or Unity would be great.

    The only real weakness to the whole concept of the guys at thrixx when it came to the game was the very low resolution of the models. Since theres not much else in terms of geometry in the scenes they should have gone with more polys or ways to better smooth the bendings. Hopefully someone will someday come up with something similar just smoother looking.

    I am absolutely sure that alot of ppl would love to see an erotic game with tons of custom content kind of like your own playground for silly naughty ideas.

    If I wouldnt be as lazy I would even try to take a shot at it lol, but sadly I am neither great at game development nor at using my time properly for such things ;)

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