PGDM in Finance

  • The Post-Graduate Diploma in Management (Finance) program aims to create a cadre of professionals having specialization in the area of Finance. It equips the students to develop strong analytical and problem-solving skills with an ethical mindset. It allows them to develop the ability to think critically and operate successfully in a dynamic business environment. PGDM in Finance course has been designed especially for finance students through collaboration with experienced professionals. Students gain knowledge about management, accounting, economics and many other subjects related to finance in this program.

  • The Simpsons is a good story. I love this movie! mapquest driving directions

  • administrators

    Is that show still running?
    Wasn't there a simpson movie at one stage?

    I always liked the Halloween specials :D

    and that funny neibor dude with the sons

  • I absolutley love the Simpsons, far too many good episodes, characters and quotes for a single tv show.
    These quotes are from memory (if you have to google it, its not memorable)

    I don't get mad, I get…"stabby" - Fat Tony (legitimate business owner)

    Did I say corpse hatch? I meant innocence tube - Mr Burns

    As for favourite episodes, the one where Bart starts taking the drug Focusin and goes on a rampage in a tank is one of my favourites

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