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  • I'd love to write a few catchy jingles or a cheesy top-selling Pop Chart hit that makes me tons of money to fund the music I actually enjoy playing. To me, success would be achieving the end-result - not the top-selling Pop single, but the freedom and funding to play what I enjoy playing.

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    I agree, art should be the thing you do in your own time, out of your own free will… the thing that makes you happy :)

    And if you can earn a living from it, be successful with it, that's the dream... cause then you can spend all day working on something that makes you happy!

    Having said that there's also a way to to find common ground... an intersection between thing things you love and the ones that are popular and will earn you more. Nothing wrong with monetizing your talent as long as you don't deviate from your core, in my opinion.

  • “Do not mind losing, for it is only by learning that you will improve, and by losing, if you use the knowledge you gained, you will improve rapidly." - Jose Raul Capablanca, World Chess Champion 1921-1927

  • Success depends on the conditions required to realize it, in the most logical sense. Simple as it is, that should not mean it to be, by any means, easy.

    Unfortunately in Sun Tzu's art of war, even the merchant class, despicable as they can be, have their place because a great military needs its funding somehow. I ought to make a distinction when I speak of capitalism I mean free market and competition and many are in play, not crony capitalism of the mobs nor corporatism where the market is centralized.

    Now then. As to what success is NOT:
    It isn't climbing to the top of some heap, as in prestige or awards. Think about it: would you keep doing something for leisure if you didn't enjoy it? Why?

    It isn't always outdoing the other guy. For example, lots of player types have a down to earth straight edge friend they seem to value like family, above and beyond all the women they fuck. It's because even an egomaniac needs someone around who "gets it" and will show them exactly what they lack. Keeps them grounded. Keeps them just humble enough. Someone who doesn't let them get away with the bullshit they pull on everyone else. I laugh when atheists try to call zen a religion. (I know throwing this in at the end seems like a non sequitir but if you know what I'm implying, it will make sense I promise.)

    It surely isn't staking your view or self esteem on whether or not other people accept you. This is a dual lesson: not only is it about success, it's about confidence. You accept feedback, you spite the haters who try to bring you down.

    While recognition is fine, and making a living is wonderful, your art reflects who you are.

  • Success and failure should not be linked to commercial pursuits. As an artist, you do art for the sake of doing art, not to make money as the primary focus. If there is the chance to make profit, by all means, pursue it. But to go into art with the express interest in making a profit is to set your foot on the path of failure. You worry "what the public wants" and "what sells" and you chase those will o' the wisps into the woods and you're lost.

    I see this in other musicians frequently, and there are many who have fallen by the wayside because they chased what was popular or what was selling trying to get a piece of that pie, rather than doing what they wanted to do and accepting whatever came of it, or without pushing it harder to make the profit they wanted.

    However, as an artist in any form - music or illustrative works (paint, 3D, etc) - you have to first define success for yourself: is it the money or the fact you created something you enjoy yourself? You may be the only one who likes it, but as long as you've made yourself happy, you've succeeded.

    At least that's the excuse I tell myself to justify not making money at it :P

  • @'SinCyprine':

    there is a pressure to make it right where failure has no room.
    surely the capitalist frame as somthing to do with it.

    Capitalism has nothing to do with it, a drive for success is in every living things nature. The comfort of modern living has quelled it to varying degrees depending upon the individual.

    Normally, to fail may mean to die. Only in modern times now with our technology can continual failure still mean for survival. You see this here in the states, there are some that abuse the welfare system living off it their entire lives with no desire and/or motivation to get off of it. Without the social net, they would have either been forced to pick up their feet and survive or perish.

  • reading this shows me how i thrive for popularity. sigh
    sad about self, drink another bottle.
    would like yr feedback tho.

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