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  • Btw, anyone interested in checking out Cinema4D R14 can download it here ( ) and see for themselves. Right now you cannot activate it since theres a problem on Maxons site, but in a few days it should work as they stated.

    The current version has no save functionality but when the activation works you can save with it and the demo is usable for 42 days.

    Just check out how great the viewport feels and how smooth the movement inside is. Thats what I call workflow ;) I just wish either Daz or Poser would be comparable to this sigh.

    If you want to get Poser or Daz figures inside C4D you can export your scene as Wavefront OBJ.

    Use these settings when youre exporting from DAZ Studio

    Once you have done this you can then Import these into your current Cinema4D scene by choosing "Merge" from the file menu and then just use 1 centimers as scale.

    You will now have your scene inside Cinema4D but it is missing textures. You will have to create these manually since you need to use a plugin called Riptide to get the textures automatically from Studio and I doubt anyone wants to pay money just for testing the demo ;)

    But if you want to put textures on your figure you can do this quite easily. Below the viewport you find a window containing a big list of ball icons. Those are the current textures that are used inside this scene. If you exported a Victoria 4 scene you should have textures like 1_nostril, 2_skinhip, 2_skintorso etc

    You can just double click a texture and the texture manager opens where you can set everything like you would in the Surfaces tab in Daz Studio. Theres of course way too many things to list now but you should be good when you just use diffuse textures and probably specular for now :) If you want to change more than one texture you can just open the texture manager window by doubleclicking and then select the additional textures you want to edit by ctrl clicking them inside the list of icons. This allows you to edit for example just the textures for the torso group (hip, torso, head, nipple, neck) and so on. Theres more sophisticated ways to this but I really dont want to write a wholesale guide to Cinema4D just for the demo :)

    Anyways. Have fun checking out the demo and if you got some nice looking results, post them and your impressions aswell.

  • @'hzr':

    Nice find, thanks for posting!

    Quite welcome! :D

  • Nice find, thanks for posting!

  • Got this email:

    Livestreaming Today at 9:30am Pacific!
    See Cinema 4D R14’s new features in action - live from SIGGRAPH

    This year, we're bringing Siggraph to you.

    From August 7th-9th, you can watch and interact online with our outstanding line-up of top Cinema 4D artists as they present Release 14's new features live from our booth. (#723)

    Register to Win: We’ll be giving away nearly $8,000 of amazing prizes including: TurbulenceFD, Mocha Pro, Trapcode Suite, and many others.

    And the link:

  • Vid links seem to be down for me :/
    Sculpting workflow… just wow, how clean and structured this looks. Seems like they have really put some thought into this. Somehow the look reminds me a little of Modo with the relatively big named icon boxes for operations. Probably bought some talent from them :D

    And woah, take a look at the end of this video. Camera projection solver seems really funky if you just got an image and want to create a quick 3d scene out of this as kind of a background environment. Probably a great starting point from where you can refine the scene later on...

  • It works a little different but it has non destructive modifiers, yes. You got tags in C4D which you can assign to objects and modifiers etc all work as such.No idea how well stacking works though, I usually just work destructive and keep a copy of the model in the scene incase I do something completely stupid. The workflow is more elegant then and more intuitive just going one by one without alot of pre-thinking, which is great for such a lazy ass guy as me :D

    The program is so fast though that you can really keep alot of stuff in the scene without any risk of crashing or slow viewport speed etc. I cant really remember the last time C4D crashed on me. Must have been months ago…

  • administrators


    Yeah, let me count the crashes per session in 3dsmax compared to c4d then :D

    lol, on average max crashes less than 5 times per day… take that!

    but yeah it does crash all the time, you have to be a master of saving ;) it's just that it relies too much on external plugins, etc... and they all have to work together, which they don't, doesn't seem to be impeding the work flow too much though

    out of interest does C4D have the non destructive modifier stack?

  • c4d is very fast, stable, pretty solid app :)

  • Yeah, let me count the crashes per session in 3dsmax compared to c4d then :D

    Im quite hyped about the changes. They keep adding good things year by year to an already great toolset!

  • administrators

    Ok, so let me count the years 3DS Max has had sculpting now :P

    lots a nice new features for modelers though, it seems

  • Hey. Stop stealing the line that I stole. :P

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