cgi studio

  • Hi ppl
    Looking for a reliable cgi studio with a perfect timing for long-term partnership
    Got some interior projects that need rendering with tight timelines

  • Hi!

    We are an experienced CGI studio and would like to help you with your project.
    We got our own CRM so if you have large-scale project — we are a perfect spot for them.

    Please visit and lets collaborate.

  • Hah, not sure I would pay for this tho :P See, if it was the naughty boy Bill… :D

  • Hehe no idea, I just saw a link to it somewhere and it brought me to that site ;)

  • I changed out the link HZR. Make sure not to post like that here. On reddit, you can go nuts. :P

  • Umm, we should probably remove that link, since that website is a known piracy website. Worst part is the guy who runs it uses places to download from that pay him for people downloading, so he makes money off of stealing, lowest kind of criminal.

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