All About Cash App Transfer Fail Problems

  • Complete guide on how to resolve cash app transfer fail issue for your protection. Get details why transaction is failed on cash app.

  • lol Ive tried every single one of those games except for rengoku and gladiator XD and dantes inferno

  • Im starting this thread as a catch-all for random pickup games.

    Im also looking to put together a game tonight at 8 central. Anyone interested?

  • Makes sense. Climax should result in some simulated real-world effect on the player's character - as you say, blurred vision, scripted rollover and pass out, temporarily reduced control of the character, maybe implemented as sluggish or slow-response controls - your character bumps into walls and furniture/clutter, and you either have to rest or eat a meal to recover, or maybe both.

    However, games offer the escape from the confines of reality, and sex games are not just for those who can't get any action IRL, so trying to make it a full-on life simulator is probably not a good thing in practice. Maybe if it were optional. Let those who want to play as a superstud with infinite stamina and orgasmic power play that way, let those who want more of a realistic experience play their way.

    Personally I'd like to have an engine that allowed scripted AI and interactions similar to the Elder Scrolls series - place a starting point marker and a series of specific markers that send a given character from/to various points performing various sexual acts, but then I like watching AI packages run (and in the case of Skyrim at least, the radiant AI take over completely and progress to some form of nearly self-awareness).

    However, there's no direct interaction from the player, except for camera operations. Then again, I'd prefer that over some Dance Dance Revolution timed button mashing-to-the-beat quicktime interface, mostly because you end up watching for cues instead of watching the action.

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