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  • @'Uncle:

    I use this trick with sex poses as for some reason; most of the creators just think everyone fucks nude or the women don't have 'slut shoes' on!

    And you just earned rep for that last line! :D
    That's soooooo true!

  • Here's my one point that I learned over the years doing this shit. If you're making your own custom poses; pose by the 'hip' first (turn off the IK as it makes it easier). If you use a basis for a picture (from porn, etc.) just match up the hip to what is on the image or in your mind; and then it's just a bit of tweaking the chest, thighs, etc. and sooner than you'd think; there you go!

    I use this trick with sex poses as for some reason; most of the creators just think everyone fucks nude or the women don't have 'slut shoes' on!

  • 1. Certain figures in my scenes are often static, and have a standard "porn pose". They can be exported as objects, and imported back into a scene to save yourself a ton of memory.

    2. You can speed up rendering tremendously by turning raytracing off on surfaces with opacity maps. AKA: Hair, Lace.

    3. If you are using Uberenvironment2 you can speed up render time by setting some of the lights to specular only, and it seems to have little effect on the final product.

    4. GOZ for Zbrush and DAZ is amazing. If you can get it running you should. It fixes a million problems from poke-through to genital matching.

  • Here's one (or several tips and tricks) that helped me a lot in posing in DS.

    Load the LOD version of your model, if applicable. Fewer polygons, less burden on your processor when posing.

    Start with posing one figure first.

    To minimize rotation, I generally lock the y and z rotations of the hip, abdomen, chest and neck. If you want to change the direction the model is facing, use the y rotation on the BODY instead of the hip. It will help avoid gimbal lock.

    Don't know about Poser but in DS, 180 degrees is not the same as -180 degrees. So stick with one value system and don't mix them. DS will try to rotate the joint/model if you're using both on different keyframes.

    Try to stay within limits. If a joint is too limiting, increase its limit rather than use no limits. Btw, if it looks bad, try another pose. I've seen way too many renders ruined by unnatural posing or ugly joint bends.

    If you need to move both figures at once, but don't want to break the position of the two figures, parent the other figure to the one you're going to move.

    I generally use a combination of manual dialing and Active Pose in DS, since IK is practically non-functional.

    If i want to move the hips/chest/abdomen, i usually pin the hands, forearms and all leg parts (thigh down to the foot) with the pin set to the joint end (rather than the center or the origin). If i need to move the hands, I changed the pins to lock the hip, neck and collar of the opposite arm. With the y and z rotation locked down (tip 4), you can minimize unnecessary movement.

    Save you poses in Puppeteer.

    When you move the hips in Active Pose, chances are the figure will twitch. If it did, try to move the hip back to its original position and save that pose. Delete the starting pose.

    Genital posing, particularly penetration is a tough one. In general, I think there's no genital prop available that's really good without some additional work (textures/modelling). So, if you can avoid it, use implied penetration rather than full hardcore shots. No sense in doing it unless it can look good.

    Don't forget that you can actually bend the genitals (or dildo or whatever). And contrary to what it looks like, the don't have to be fully inserted/balls deep all the time. So if the pose looks good but the genitals don't exactly line up, make it fit.

  • Genetails can be remodeled outside DAZ and Poser, in Hexagon, wings3d, blender(they all free) to match each other.

  • Not sure I would consider me pro at this certain type of the craft but heres my 2 cents.

    When youre using daz studio youo can go about what Nephanor said about placing the figures relatively close to each other then go for placing legs etc where you want them and the general position of the body. Next thing I tend to do then is to pin the feet and hands in place if the hands are actually grabbing the body of the other person. You can easily do this with the powerpose pane. This gives you an image of v4s body with dots for the joints. Just hold ctrl while clicking a green dot to pin this one in place. This makes it turn red so you know which ones are pinned atm.

    You can then use the pose tool (the arrow with the bone next to it) and just grab the hip inside the viewport to place it where you want it to be. This makes the whole figure move with relatively realistic looking bending and its pretty much the only way to move the hips around without moving the whole body. This way you can also easily position the penis etc without having to rotate every joint on it in place. Of course you should make sure that things roughly fit in place before this or you will have to readjust the legs etc later on.

    Just make sure that you pin the legs or feet, and a part above the waist if you want to move the hip around in a realistic fashion. I usually pin the collars so it keeps the general positioning of the arms alive, when I dont want to pin the hands specifically. But you should just experiment a little with this. Its very intuitive to use and also quite fast way to pose.

    Thats all I got for now.

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