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  • Hey guys thanks for the welcome. Sorry I haven't been on to reply much. Finals are kicking in and have been focused on that. I really do wish to get into all this and really appreciate the help you guys are giving. I figured Daz would be a good program to start off in, I've seen the ui for Poser and was completely confused. I understand with creating good work comes a ton of practice, so creating terrible art is just something I'm gonna have to get used too. Yeah, when it comes to the naughty bits I might need some help, and some encouragement. >.>

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    welcome to the forum :) As others have suggested do as many of the official and unoffical tutorials as you can get your hands on.

    And when you need answers regarding the "really fun bits" (but anything 3d creation really) just ask in the forums here. Things like working with gens, bending for positions and make them look good, etc can be difficult to work out, but we'll put on you on the right track here :D

  • yes and no, hello and welcome fero I prefer to work with poser daz I've already tried that but unfortunately I'm not a very patient man so there are no works of mine, unfortunately, but I hope I see some times works of you here in the forum

    I thought faro

  • @'buenoexcellente':

    You must also accept that you are going to have to create terrible work, and a lot of it. That's great! Terrible work is exactly what is needed to create good work, and it must be created so you can tell the good from the bad.

    Bueno is right, I still create terrible art :(

  • I'd suggest before you drop any money you focus on the basics. That means figures, poses, shaders, lights, cameras. All the money in the world won't teach you these things, and I've yet to see a render be more erotic because of the render engine used.

    Focus on the subjects you find most appealing. Find photo's of what you want to see, and break them down into the categories I've described. Blatant copying isn't shameful when you are learning. Most great musicians have a cover band somewhere in their shadowy past.

    You must also accept that you are going to have to create terrible work, and a lot of it. That's great! Terrible work is exactly what is needed to create good work, and it must be created so you can tell the good from the bad.

  • If youre looking for rendering alternatives, try getting either Reality for Daz Studio, which acts as a bridge between Daz Studio and Luxrender, converts shaders etc with you being able to finetune things.

    Or alternatively you could have a look into OctaneRender which is not as easy to get into but if you got a decent nvidia graphics card, it will be very quick since its using gpu rather than cpu for the render process.

    Both are at around 99 dollars I think and they eat Daz Studios internal Renderer for breakfast.

    Starting out with Daz Studio is a good choice actually. I am sure that Poser has good things to offer aswell and the new SSS shader gives some really nice looking results with relatively small effort but to me it seems that Daz is evolving quicker and there might be a point in the very near future where the choice between the two will favour Daz Studio if only for more ease of use tools and workflow, which is already smoother than Poser. They both are far from perfect though.

    If you run into any trouble in figuring things out, feel free to ask. I will always try to help out as best as I can when its something I know about.

  • Dreamlight has a little thing you can get off his website which is a little training course, videos all about lighting and how to do it right. I decided to go for it when he had it for $20, and it was worth it, good information.

  • I believe a lot of people use the UberEnvironment for lighting. I think Dreamlight has some amzing stuff for lighting but don't quote me on that as I am not a DS4 user.

  • Hey guys, thanks for the welcome! I've seen the videos once before as Daz links you to them as soon as you start the program. They are really helpful though, and have taught me the basics of how to use the program. I'm also reading through posts here trying to pick up on things. I'm sure I'll pick it up. Just a rough start. Any other helpful hints out there anybody can pass my way?

  • Welcome Faro , im sure if you get stuck on something people will help you. I Use Daz and Poser more Daz because its where i started , but im getting better with Poser as well.

    When i started i didn't know a thing , but over time i slowly picked up by reading ,asking others and have come along way ever since. As long as you enjoy it and keep at it , you will produce the goods in no time.

  • Did you try here?

    I am more a Poser artist myself. Supro is a DAZ artist though.

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