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  • Hi! I have been following Affect3d and other 3DX sources for many years now. Finally joined this form to share my stupid thoughts and endless cravings for monster sex!

  • Zipazee doo dah zipazee day my oh my KO HAN QUICK GET IN THE CAR.

    What makes this not a real one?

  • Hi all.

    I think I joined this forum a while ago, before I got into rendering, but then forgot to come back.

    I have been doing 3D Renders on DS for the past 4 months. I love checking out all the artists, and styles. I do all my work on a 13" MacBook Pro Retina.

    I'd love it if anyone would like to check out my work. I'm at


    I welcome all constructive criticism, and comments. Please nothing like "This is stupid".. or "boring". I've been doing this a short time.

    I'm not much into scenery, like rooms, environments, etc. I am very into the female form, how it poses and expresses itself. Also styles of clothing. If you haven't guessed, I have a high heels fetish in a bad way.

    Thanks for having me here. It's a true privilege to be amongst you all!!


  • Hi all! Miki3dx here!
    I'm a 3d artist during the day and a 3d erotic artist by night.
    I love girls, girls on girls and I basically focused on recreating lesbian scenes with a lot of pleasure and orgasms :D
    I started creating hot stuffs after meeting Affect3d and all of you and your works, you're the motivation, the fuel, and I really hope you're going to appreciate my works :)

    Tnx to all of you :*

  • Hi there. I'm newbie and have lot of questions ;)

    Actually reason why i registered here was the G4E screenshots i have seen on the web))
    It's awesome job you did Miro!

  • A good way to get the ball rolling is to introduce you and your cars.
    How might you introduce yourself, might you ask? Simple, with a friendly hello

    Example introduction

  • Hi Affect3d!

    I'm new here, and been around here much interesting work & games.

  • ^^^Welcome to the hobbyist's dream. And Welcome to Affect3D.

  • Hi Everyone;

    I am new to this site. Just stumbled onto it. I really like 3DX. Especially GF4E. Really excellent work. Hope to be able to learn how to do this kind of rendering or perhaps find someone who will take a commission for some work.

  • After lurking for a while and seeing some of the amazing work on here I thought I'd finally sign up and join in!

    I've been working with Poser as a hobby for a few years now and enjoy creating scenes in Vue Infinite. Currently I'm up to Poser 8 and Vue Infinite 10. Having seen what can be done with modelling/sculpting software I'd love to be able to 'adjust' models more to my liking…I've looked at Blender, but have struggled with the interface. I'm currently trying out Zbrush which has shown much promise (only have the trial unless I find the money my learning curve will be ending shortly!).

    Am looking forward to learning some new skills! :)

  • Greetings!
    The name's Taidoro and I write consensual scifi/fantasy monster sex stories on my tumblr.(If you're looking for a writer for your stuff, I'm open for collaborations! ;) )

    In real life I'm a gamedev and I registered to soak up as much knowledge as possible, since I kinda find it hard to transition from 3ds max/blender to DAZ and Poser. 3dx uses its own gramma and vocabulary (if you don't mind the analogy) and I've been bashing my head against it for some time now without anything to show for it.

    Looking forward to learning a hole damn lot and hanging out with you guys!

  • Well met everyone,

    Yron Vol here from the Netherlands. Stumbled into these forums because I accidentally discovered G4E a while ago, I was blown away by the voice work and the level of emotion in the trailer. I rarely purchase porn but this one I just couldn't let slip (says more about adult work in general than myself I feel). As I really liked the genuine non-bs approach of affect 3D I've decided to give the forums a try.

    I'm a big fan of of character driven content, especially when it is combined with adult situations and themes. Games like Mass Effect 2 come to mind, even though the romance/adult element has more vanilla that Fifty shades of grey combined. Stuff like studiofow's machima, make me a happy camper due to their excellent voice acting and camera work (even if I wish they do some more unique IP's every once in a while). Also into horror and adult horror and fantasy fiction (Many eyed hydra's succubi tales come to mind). Beyond that into the occult and just plain weird, but that stuff doesn't belong on this forum ;)

    I'm working on releasing the first demo of my own project, a rather unique mixture of interactive written content, voice work and select illustrations. Turns out it's a crapload of work (what a surprise!), but definitely a lot of fun and very rewarding on the other end of the scale. If you want to keep an eye on the project you can follow the tumblr, there's not a whole lot up yet but I've got some audio teasers and adult artwork incoming the next few days.

    On a side note: how done or welcomed is it if I post things like audio samples, parts of writing and artwork I commission on these forums? I've not been on a forum for like 10+ years, all I can remember are the trolls and anal elite ;)

  • Brak pracy, duże zadłużenie czy kiepska wypłata nie są problemem dla planujących pozyskać kredyt gotówkowy - a przynajmniej mówimy w tym momencie o czytelnikach naszej strony. Fakty są takie, że umieściliśmy w serwisie porady, które sprawiają, iż trafienie na kredyt bez zaświadczeń,pożyczka bez zaświadczeń, oczywiście całkiem nisko oprocentowany, nie jest kłopotem.kredyt bez zaświadczeń, Jednak serwis nie posiada tylko i wyłącznie informacyjnego charakteru - także można najzwyczajniej załatwić na nim kredyt bez bik.pożyczka pozabankowa

  • Brak stałego zatrudnienia, znaczne zadłużenie albo kiepska wypłata nie są problemem dla planujących pozyskać kredyt gotówkowy - przynajmniej mowa tutaj o odwiedzających naszą stronę. Rzeczywistość jest taka, że umieściliśmy na wortalu rady, które powodują, iż natrafienie na kredyt bez zaświadczeń,pożyczka bez zaświadczeń, oczywiście korzystnie oprocentowany, nie jest problemem.kredyt bez zaświadczeń, Jednakowoż serwis nie ma tylko i wyłącznie informacyjnego charakteru - również można po prostu załatwić właśnie za jego pośrednictwem kredyt bez bik.pożyczka pozabankowa

  • @'Supro':

    Welcome to the forums! We're glad you're here and we want to introduce yourself to everyone here. Let the community get to know a bit about yourself and then tell us why you came to the board.

    Hi, i love 3D porn. Huge fan of Umemaro and Suima 3D franchise.
    My favorite genres in porn are MILFs, dark skin, super-wet and sleeping :P
    My least favorite genres are lolicon, tentacles and futanari.

  • Welcome Jambone. Well, actually you've put yourself ahead of the curve with your knowledge and experience with Blender since that is already what some artists here actually use.

    Any engine knowledge is probably helpful if you want to create interactive games or perhaps just animations–Jonathan J. Nesbit, another newbie above, was curious about gaming production on that front, so maybe you guys could chat and get your heads together on that front. :D

    Daz has a lot of developments often which makes it difficult for making timely tutorials that pin it down, however, the Daz store has some freebie videos and you're in luck because the vendor Dreamlight studios is 86% off right now as we speak. But even so there's freebie items which are always free, and then you have weekly freebies. Currently it's a rehash of stuff from a few weeks ago BUT it's okay for getting content. Sometimes you get a nice scene out of it. They have deals going on--though you just missed March Madness.

    I digress, tutorials for DS4.5 up to current (4.7 pro, 4.8 Beta ver.) generally are still pretty spot on as no significant changes have occurred to the program. You can also look up stuff on youtube and the like for free.

    OTHER Stores you should be aware of:

    Renderotica: this has all your naughty needs for your 3D characters. :D And some 3D p0rn comics and other related shit.

    Hivewire: they are developing and selling things for Dawn and Dusk, a couple of independent figures which are compatible in all iterations of the base 3D engine that Daz and poser are both made from. Currently things for them are limited as they are new.

    Turbosquid: This store has a lot of content for other programs, mostly autodesk based. General stuff though I have found vagina and penis props sold there shrug. I discovered this place several years ago when I wanted to download Gmax for game modding. Gmax is essentially a stripped down freebie version of 3DSmax.

    Renderosity: this store is a major one, especially since they deal in the majority with content for Poser and Daz.

    Places that aren't so much stores as file dispensors:

    ShareCG: I guess they sell some things? Well, they have plenty of downloads. Some Star Wars-y stuff. In case you have any XXX desires with a twi-lek babe.

    Good old DeviantArt: there's a ton of free downloads here. A lot for 3DCG and MikuMikuDance. Game mods can also be found here, though any site which specializes in mods can give you free downloads. Some with more XXX material, others less.

    DigitalEro, another community similar to this one...the page is up...then sometimes it goes down...I dunno what is up with them. They have a steam community, and they used to have a standalone site.

    Best of luck to ya. :D

  • Hi, I'm Marko a.k.a. Jambone, 22 year old male student of mechanical engineering from Bosnia and Herzegovina. I got here per request of my female friend, who says that I need an artistic outlet for my XXX ideas. I stumbled across this site, and after seeing all this amazing content, I say I will give it a go. I have some basic 3D knowledge, mostly Blender and unreal engine 3. I have no idea how to use DAZ or Poser, got really scared when I downloaded pirated copy of Poser, and I instantly uninstalled it. DAZ is a bit better, but can't find any good tutorial for creating nudes. I was thinking of giving myself a challenge, to learn and pratice 3dx for a year, and then to make some kind of picture set, accompanied by a short booklet, or maybe even a comic. Any and all help is appreciated, mostly because I get easily frustrated when I come across challenge.

  • Well, if you have it, you'd know more than I about it. That said…I don't know how many adobe users we got here.

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