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  • Yeah, back when I was balls deep in Poser I used to do all my own dong textures and use Ulfgens2.

    Since converting over to DS, I have gotten increasingly lazier as the software does more tasks for you… I am like.. "WAIT, PAINT MY OWN DONG?" lol

    My G2M male character is still using Ulfgens - But all cocksmen after that have been stock dongs.

  • So they made a current gen yoda goblin? Nope I don't have either one. :)

    Well, unless you bought that genital fantasy flesh for monsters from renderotica and tweaked it for iray (which is what render I'm assuming you are using), I think you'l have to do one of 4 things

    -make it yourself somehow
    -play the waiting game
    -postwork it in the way you'd like
    -buy that generation 4 to iray skins converter thing (I did)

  • Wow! Let's not get crazy! M7 ships with a butthole. Daz's new motto is "Anallingus is King" Even Woddy shipped with a wood pecker.

    But in all seriousness, it seem for the new characters to not have dongs now, it is PA choice. In Yoda's case, probably to avoid any and all Pedo shit and Blake… No idea.

  • Probably not. Daz seems afraid of anatomically correctness. I'm actually surprised they still offer them for the Vicky and Michael Pro packages.

    Best bet is to snag the M5 Pro pack cheap, or even the M3 and Satanica's RealGens setup if they're still available. However, the newer pecker packs for M5/M6/M7 should be compatible with those texture sets, and someone's always putting out a pale skin texture so you can keep Blake looking young and indoorsy.

    Dunno about Yoda, though. Maybe just a hue adjustment.

    Check with Sledgehammer, he may have something in the works. He's pretty good about keeping up with the latest figures.

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