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  • Especially loving the demon futa and her friends. That glowing tatoo is beautiful.

  • That dude must be one hell of an efficient modeller. It's such a niche product, but has so many parts. And if the rigging is very flexible, that would take a lot of time to put together to. I'm kind of in awe. I've been trying to make a hotel and it's been a pain to get the details down.

    BTW: more renders of your forum-pic character. That's a really cute face.

  • It's on Renderotica. It's a new set from Davo, for DAZ (including Iray) and Poser

  • Where did you get that contraption in the top image? That's some seriously detailed technofetish gear there.

  • I take any advice :)

    Thank you ;)

  • Off to a good start. I'd would suggest you work on your expressions, acting, and scene composition.

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