PGDM colleges in Hyderabad

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Management designed for individuals who are in the process of assuming higher-level responsibilities to think holistically and develop an integrated and strategic perspective on managerial challenges faced in real life. The program will equip participants with sound concepts, high-level analytics, leadership and change management skills. After completion of the program, participants can aspire to take general management positions and leadership roles.PGDM colleges in Hyderabad will offer subjects for deeper study horizontally across functional areas and vertically across domains such as IT, Telecom, Financial Services, Retail & Manufacturing. The program offers opportunities to deepen participants understanding both horizontally in functional area subjects as well as vertically in some of the sunrise sectors.

  • aww DAZ3D it a terrible site i currently have bad experience with them. by not getting what i payed for. so i will most probably never spend a dime there any more. also tempted to report the site as fraud if they don't resolve matters fast.

  • Since he will come in the form of CR2, very likely via DAZ3D.

  • Were will we be able to get him?

  • Thanks ymomy,

    Finished the work on the wrist and the neck. The neck and the thighs are what bothered me most with M4. No more turkey neck for M4! :)


    Default M4

    A close third is the shoulders. I also did some additional tweaking to the shoulders. That solved some problems with FBM Thin and Hiro4 morphs.

    Seeing M4 and M5 side to side, they look quite similar now. So, I guess I did a pretty good job. :)

    Just need to finish the collar twist corrections (and morphs), then he's done. After that, he just need some poses and a magnetize script. I'm also thinking of making a couple pose set (M4 and V4) for a bundle set.

  • Are very well n_n, I wonder when I could make my own renders :P

  • Made some updates since last time - mainly corrections to the pectorals, tricep area and some general housekeeping.


    Basic M4

    Just some dialled in morphs. I like how he turned out. Remind you of anyone in particular?

    BBM4 - Default

    Basic M4 - Default

    I think he's almost done. I might do something for the wrist and the base of the neck, but overall he's looking quite spiffy. Did some test to check Morphs++ compatibility and found some problems with several FBMs. Surprisingly enough, most of the PBMs work just fine.

  • Now that I've finished with the BBV4 update, I'm focusing my time on M4.

    Here's a look at the updated version (newer than the beta build).

    Same pose with Joequick's M4 Mach Suit.

    I dialled up the FBM Bulk to something like 10% to avoid pokethroughs. Overall, conforming clothing behave rather well. That thigh bulge in clothing (when the thighs are bent forward) is driving me nuts. I'm thinking about embedding magnets to fix things like that (and that horrendous bulbous shoulder on clothing).

    He's about 70% ready, haven't worked on collar movements yet. Amazingly, no morphs correction yet. I think only the shoulders and the crotch need it.

  • administrators


    This image reminds me of Marilyn Monroe, I don't know why :rolleyes:

    hahaha :D …. but I hope she didn't come with a package :P

  • Thanks I like it :) This image reminds me of Marilyn Monroe, I don't know why :rolleyes:

  • administrators

    the only thing is that the under shoulder area looks a little pinched in some shots, other than that he's looking good, much better size package too, daz is going to cry :)

  • Per ymomy's request.

    Did I mention he's quite hung too? :D

    I way prefer M4 Genitals compared to M5. While it's not problem free, it's cheaper and comes with it's own rig. Hopefully DAZ will let me include his reworked 'package' as well.

  • Sure no problem. Actually plan to do that to look for issues.

    Hiro 4




    Same pose, same variations but different angle/light.





    A side view.





    I don't use Hiro too often, so I don't know if the dials should be set to Hiro4 1 and the other dials set to 1 too, or you only have to turned up one. These shots are taken with only one dial turned up to 1.

    The shoulders don't have corrections for forward and backward movements when it's down. That also applies to collar twist (forward and backward). Some extreme morphs (like heavy and Freak dials) tend to break the mesh on the hips/butt. But he is much easier to work with than V4.

  • Looking good but does it work with all the morphs like H4 and others, could you show some images of different morphs in different pose actions if you don't mind. It's always great to see it in action ;)

  • :) Exellent :) a dark glasses on him would be left pretty well

  • Not at all.

    Just wanted to give him that underwear model look. Kinda like M5 i think, but wound up with that face.

  • Whats with the pouty face? You mad bro? :D

  • The thighs are the most obvious, the arms a close second. Compared to V4, he is much better put together though. Haven't had to use any cleanup morphs yet.

  • administrators

    well I can't see any flaws in the bending, he usually does a whole lot less bending than v4 does, but the shoulders look good which were a problem area

    was there a lot to fix, which areas will yield the most improvement?

    didn't know Zachary Quinto, but yeah it looks a bit like him, would need a matching texture

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