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    Have a look on this page>>

  • Meh. Her facial structure looks generic. You should spend time learning how to develop faces in V4, because there's a lot you can do with it that will make her face look unique and interesting.

  • Emma finally got to try out the new fuck machine…she hadn't been too sure about it at first, but she was letting herself go now and the thrusting dildos suddenly made her lose control and a thin stream of liquid gushed out of her. She wasn't sure how much more she could take before an enormous wave of pleasure would ripple through her body.

  • Something quite satisfying with shiny surfaces! And they're easy to wipe clean :)

  • In a bit of a cyborg/fembot/gynoid mood at the moment. This one was me just playing with Shukky's free fembot model - and the idea that when you unpacked your shiny new fembot there would, necessarily, be some fine-tuning to be done :)

  • Had an urge to do something with a cyborg! This finished as a fairly innocuous sci-fi 'pin-up', but I quite liked the way it turned out. I suspect she may be capable of all sorts of bad things in the future :)

    (Thanks to Reika for the borg prop!)

  • @'ammon17':

    Where/how can we get a look at those artsy 'framed images', there on the wall in your orgy renders?

    The paintings are by Roberto Ferri…a contemporary oil painter who paints in a Baroque style. Look him up on Google...lots of flesh, emotion and dark strangeness.

  • Where/how can we get a look at those artsy 'framed images', there on the wall in your orgy renders?

  • My latest creation…veering to the darker side. I feel a tentacle phase coming on!

    Scoleciphobia...the fear of worms. If you suffer from this it's probably too late as you've already seen the picture!

    Comes with a vague storyline:
    Sarah had watched as Emma had been forced to sit in the empty bath and how he had then poured bucket after bucket of those disgusting worms around her till they were up over her waist. They writhed and slithered in a mass of slimey, wet pinkness. He got her to pick some up and she saw Emma's disgust. She knew she'd be next. He'd already fetched down buckets and buckets filled with more of the slippery gooey creatures. Their moist, clammy coldness filled the cellar. She closed her eyes and her mind filled with the dread of what was to come.

    Had fun using the excellent free earthworm model by Noggins...managed to create an ecosystem in Vue to populate the buckets and bath. Not 100% successful, but close enough. And tried out a bit of volumetric lighting in Vue to create a slightly misty, damp atmosphere.

  • These were done very recently during my 'Bathroom Phase'. There's something quite nice about the white crispness of sinks and baths. The water in the bath was done in Vue and turned out to be a bit of a pain, but I sort of got there.

  • I keep wanting to do some more 'arty' renders, but then I think "Nah!" and out comes the naughtiness.

  • Not sure where the idea for this one came from! Think it was the first time I bothered to render different views from one set up.

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