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  • Paul is a machine. I think he develops like 7 plugins for Otoy.

  • Yeah and already did more with it in a few weeks than the other guy in two years.

    I'm fairly certain Paul's a robot.

  • @hibbli -
    Wait, Paul took over DS plugin development?

  • Welcome and greetings. Your super sexy shit will be all over g.e-hentai soon enough. ;) Then you too can claim to be a rule 34 star. Hahaha.

  • since paul took over the plugin developement a few weeks ago its really solid ;) was a nightmare 2 years long before that happened, true

  • I use both the standalone and the plugin. The standalone is muuuuch more stable then the plugin

  • How do you use Octane then? Standalone or one of the plugins?

  • Thanks for the info. Yeah. I need to break down the image more into segments and adjust the spec accordingly.

    Today I made my first moneyshot render. I used a fluidsim for the liquid, but am not happy with the result since I still need to adjust the right viscosity. Also I still need to find the right material setup in Octane. Does anyone have any tips on that.

    Click Image for larger view

  • I believe you should make sure to also break up the specular a bit. It appears to be a bit even. The postwork on your genitals looks very nice, colour is also well taken. I like the breasts deformation too, seems you spent a bit of time to sculpt there.

    Cant say more since that shot is so close up, it doesnt show alot more that could be criticized ;)

  • Thanks for your comment. The thing is I am not yet sure which way i should develop my 3dx art. I do like realistic renders but then again I am an Anime fan as well.

  • Well, in the 3DX world everything is usually overly exaggerated/monstrous. I however, am NOT in the extremist camp. Haneto (Arche) is easily my favorite 3D comic artist, and this pic reminds me a little of his stuff.

    I'm no rendering expert, so the only advice I can give is if you are going for a more romantic/realistic feel, make sure and focus on the characters and not just the sex… Like in this case, I'd have the 'camera' focused on her face, and let the genitals be (slightly) blurred. Also consider in the future, maybe having the guy's head up next to hers, perhaps nibbling on her ear. Anything to build the romance.

    Your lighting already seems phenomenal. Can't wait to see more.

    Your Goddess Series is also pretty great.

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