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  • My gut reaction is almost always "Go for photorealistic!" but then I bite off more than my workstation can chew. It's by no means a bad computer, I just ask it to do things that takes it a long, long, long time. So when I catch things like the impossible sun position in the first pic, it's hard not to say nuts to this, I don't want to burn another overnight cycle on this idea. I'm trying to find a G3F figure/texture combo that works for an anime feel, I think I'm close to something I'm happy with. That will give me the option of prioritizing different things.

    And yeah, the body shapes need more variety. But when you find something you like, it's hard not to want four of it. :angel:

  • I like the first four shots. Nice natural poses, nice legs and feet posing and everything looks smooth. The only criticism I may offer, those girls in the group shot look too similar in terms of the body shape.

  • The lady lying on the bed came out nice… and the porch silhouette lady is neato, but I wonder about light-sources. You seem to have the sun located behind her (near the oceanic horizon), yet there seems to be 'another' light source she is facing towards. ...Two suns? ...Stadium lighting? Another angle would be great to see what she's looking at? And no, I didn't write all of this just because I wanted to see more of her. ;)

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