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  • Ive eaten at Applebees twice, last time in 1998. Their food is bland and poor quality. So not like their decision will affect me.

  • As a dude who was inspired to get into smutty writing thanx to Dmitrys (Subway story - 2010), I gotta both agree and disagree with your collaboration idea. Artists are (generally) fickle creatures, and if/once established, have most likely 'already' established a work method and game plan for future pro…jects/ducts. And no matter how much I like Dmitrys art, I'd actually prefer to see more '3DX video' artists teaming up, to make something of high quality (unlike rape-tastic StudioFow) -- more along the lines of 'The Princess Has Come of Age'. For example: get Miro, Onagi and Umemaro together ... and maybe even some small bananas (who make shorter animations) like... BlackJackJrIVNeedle, t--soni, etc... then we're talking!

    But I totally agree with you on the story front. In fact, I have been trying to get Miro ( and others) to take the erotica aspect of his G4E universe serious for quite some time now. I suspect the reason he is so reluctant to proceed with official canon is an assumption that if he leaves his storyline/interactions nebulous enough, then every customer will be able to self-invent whatever scenario seems most appealing for the characters' backstory and current motivations.
    This approach, of course, leaves little room to explore the characters' lives, which (I think) would help legitimize 3DX for many female consumers... a currently still undertapped market.

    If you haven't already, consider giving my "G4E: Tara's Second Encounter" story a read:

  • Hm. I believe you mean do a collaborative work? Or a set of collaborative works/projects?

    I think if he were interested himself, that several of our talented artists might possibly do some things. It's a bit costly, though, especially where demand for something in particular hasn't quite been measured nor felt out yet.

    What, perhaps, have you done towards something like this?

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