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  • @'SinCyprine':

    1st round of elections this past week end and the extreme right wing is tearing us new holes, painfully bleeding ones.
    Its depressing, its revolting… dont know what to do... to create is to resist said french philosopher Gilles Deleuze, so i create.

    You haven't had enough of that socialism-capitalism hybrid yet?

  • @'okario':

    because others peoples don't vote

    aye, over 41% abstention this time around.
    I wouldnt like a 2017 second round as we had in 2002 chirac/le pen (28% abstention on the 1st round)

  • Don't worry, it's never gonna happen.

    History (with a big H) is still too present, and every time the FN make a good score, it's never because most people vote for them, but only because others peoples don't vote, or on too many list. And if you look closer, FN always make approximately the same score ;) But, FN's members always vote, that's why they always have a "good" % .But at the end, everyone is united against those extremist ;)

    Be sure of it :)

    (but I completely understand… I'm French too :) )

  • [email protected]'borsten':

    now that "it" didn't happen, do you feel somewhat better? Or are you still sceptic?

    we can breathe a little.
    the main issue here is the the extreme right wing gets higher scores each election, and 2017 will be presidential; that means 2 years for some charismatic leadership to gather the opinion… time will tell but these are dark times...

  • Hi Sin, I was wondering, now that "it" didn't happen, do you feel somewhat better? Or are you still sceptic?

  • @'rtpoe':

    Here I am thinking this was going to have something to do with Donald Trump….

    Has the whole world gone batshit insane?

    Not exactly, but there are a whole lot of people DESPERATE to exploit the fear engendered by terrorism and who have thus decided to make common cause with it (by promoting FEAR!) to advance their own agendas.

  • Here I am thinking this was going to have something to do with Donald Trump….

    Has the whole world gone batshit insane?

  • Yeah, you're right, I should have said risky or hard to understand instead of stupid. I didn't want to patronize anybody or sound like a wise-ass, sorry.

    Did the government already change the law so that the emergency state can last indefinitely? (I read something like that somewhere.) That would really point to a dark future…

    I still hope that this is just a phase though, that the goverment reacts and does something for the people for a change, and that the majority of those who just voted for the FN comes to understand that nothing will get better when Le Pen gets elected president. But I'm probably just naive.

  • aye, i hear you, scared and confused people do stupid things. but then again, that does sound quite patronizing.
    it takes only so much to empower the darker side of politics - and take into account that the french gov. recently declared emergency state, granting extra power to executives: wont those new founded FN seats use emergency laws to their views ? and it will be too late for those citizen who were just scared and confused

  • Fuck, 28%? That's harsh! But as things are at the moment, it would probably look the same here in Germany, and for that matter, any other european country, as well. My guess is, that this is "just" a form of protest against the current politics, and that most of those who voted for the FN now, do not actually believe that these morons could change anything for the better.

    I think many people already saw their living situations worsen before the terrorist acts. They had a more or less underlying feeling that the ruling party doesn't give a fuck about them (which is true to a certain extent for any ruling party, no doubt), but they could get along anyhow. But the attacks turned everything upside down and inside out. People were shocked, in actual fear for their lives.
    Now that's where the fascists strike, feeding on people's fear like they always do. In their sick minds they do the same thing Hitler did with the jews, linking two things that don't have shit to do with each other: the economic is bad, muslims are the cause, they breed like rabbits, they take our jobs, they want to overtake the country, "Didn't we always tell you that this was gonna happen some day?" etc.
    And I just don't believe that 28% buy that whole package, most of them are either pissed off or scared or both but they're not all fascists by heart all of a sudden. As I said, I guess it's some kind of protest, albeit a pretty stupid one. It's like a collective suicide attempt, a cry for help, dunno. Weird.

    What I want to say is that there aren't 10 million fulltime-idiots in France, like the 28% suggests, there can't be.

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