The NEW WIP Post Girlfriends 4 Ever DLC thread [TROLL FREE Edition]

  • Hey Miro will there ever be in the future sayako somehow losing her futa cock and tara getting it which she then proceeds to fuck sayako or ayako and sayako double team tara in various ways?

  • you do you, Miro…I never lost faith ;)

  • Miro's un-rip again :D

  • administrators

    pretty sure I said more communication when I have something to show

    until then I'll try, but I'm pretty much the busiest person in the Southern hemisphere right now, so it's tough :) but I'll ask Marie to start posting this or next week, so that should help

    I have been working on the 'Tara loves Sayako dick deep in her ass' animation, I'll post a 1min preview video next day or so main site, I was going to post a short preview anim here, but I have to figure out our new cdn first

    so just a little pic in the meantime then :P

  • The fact that a website that does literally anything at all, consumes time to do said things, goes without saying and doesn't excuse this nonsense after Miro specifically stated that there was going to be faster communication, let alone actual content again.

    And the fact of the matter is that a ton of people are here exclusively for Miro's work and they are in no way obliged to force themselves to enjoy or communicate about anyone else if it doesn't tickle their fancy. I would love to live in a world where the forum is booming in all areas due to genuine interest in all the parties involved, but that isn't the case, and it's not the fault of the people in this thread nor their job to fix it.

    Especially now that this thread is so dead that even the complaints come in slowly.

  • As andi guinness already said in State of the Site, October 2016, there's a lot of things happening in the background every month.

    There are still a lot of other authors whose works we can speak about in the rest of the forum, like Supro, TheDude3DX, HitmanX3Z, Smerinka, DB-Spencer, 3DZen, Amusteven, the return of Looks Can Kill, etc. Miro's projects will arrive in due time, but I think we're losing a great opportunity to enrich the forum because we are kinda focused on Girlfriends 4 Ever XD

  • Lol, Miro's rip again :D

  • ….....sigh

  • "Now with speed"

  • Any news about the anal animation? Any news about the big teal butt? Any news about Marie posting updates? Any news about anything :P?

  • Goddammit, I was hoping for a future project that had Sayako cause a big ol' fuzz while on holiday in the erectile dysfunction philippines… Sad to see that great opportunity go:(

  • administrators

    spam eliminated :D

    I've switched Akismet - our spam filter back on. Causes issues with registrations sometimes and bans people for no good reason, but hopefully not as dealing with the spam.

    we've been looking at new forum software but all the fancy new ones re written in ruby on rails, not in PHP which is getting a bit stupid

    as for the vote results, well I'm guessing the Tara taking all of Sayako's dick, had something to do with it :P will be fun to animate at any speed though :)

  • I briefly wrote for a web-design company back in the day, which had me doing these spam-blocker dodging, word algorithm projects. But - at the same time - my employers ALSO wanted me to write the articles legit. REAL articles for their clients' websites, for the noble purpose of "search engine optimization"! Yeah, it was a low point in my career.

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    • Doctor for erectile dysfunction, philippines.

  • I'm starting to see a pattern here… We get about a week of communications from Miro, followed by silence and then an explosion of spam :).

  • That ad is either the most terribly translated English I've ever seen, or actually randomly generated writing.

    Either way I'd give it a read through, it's kind of hilarious.

  • What 's with the god damn commercial ? Miro I hope your getting paid for this :exclamation:

  • I say after this next animation clip, let Miro work on what he is most passionate about, which we all know is foot-jobs. Maybe it would help keep him motivated. ;)

  • @'femalefutafan':

    Miro, come on now been a week dont drop the ball already ;/

    Jesus you're negative xD
    He said the voting would stop on the 5th and we can assume he'll update in the next few days. :P

  • @'femalefutafan':

    Miro, come on now been a week dont drop the ball already ;/

    Patience please :P

  • Miro, come on now been a week dont drop the ball already ;/

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