The NEW WIP Post Girlfriends 4 Ever DLC thread [TROLL FREE Edition]

  • My vote is #3. My second choice would be #2, if only to put a bow on the hand/blow/auto era, which I think has run its course in excellent fashion thanks to a masterful artist. It's well past time for Sayako's beautiful cock to be reacquainted with Tara's beautiful pussy, in my opinion.

    Despite the lack of penetration, it seems that even #1 would seem to open the door to a tremendous set of new possibilities…

    There really isn't a poor choice among the three.

  • My vote goes to number 3 because of sex…

    But I would have voted 1 if she actually had fucked Tara there and not just airfucked her :)
    (The position there is better than at 3)

    Or actually seeing the votes so far I would have voted 3 anyway considering I am not a fan of 2. So it would be strategic :)

  • We just had two blowjob dlcs,time for sex so #3 please.

  • @'destiny77':

    Hello, nice to meet everyone and HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!

    Thank you form all of us , and a safe new year to you all so … :heart:

  • Two and three both look like winners, I vote 2.

  • Number 3 pls.

  • @'Charles:


    vote number 2 i like this shot so much ^^ the idea of staring is great !

    Yeah, I'm with you. Would be funny to see how Tara does the handjob while she and Sayako are looking right at you, almost like saying "Do you also want this?". Would be cooler if Tara plays with the tip while touching her balls but well, it'll be just better to leave the scene to Miro's imagination XD


    some precum dripping down her shaft after a couple minutes.

    Its a colourful selection but I vote for number 2

    In addition, I love these suggestions guys !!!


  • My vote would be number 2

    I would love to see it animated ;)

  • @'miro':

    The plan is create an animation about every month (free) based on the animation we pick.

    There are a bunch of animations I've always wanted to finish, but didn't get around to for whatever reason, at least a couple dozen, some of them really nice (in my opinion)

    I'm curious Miro, how many of these new animations are you planning to create?

  • Hello, nice to meet everyone and HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!

  • @'shiryusan':

    Miro said it himself ! He know how to make the scenes of sex. Number 2 will be a good opportunity for him to work the facial expressions.

    whynot a good edging handjob with a creamy result ^^

    Amen, thats all that needs to be said

  • I vote for #3 … I love the perspective of that position ... it really emphasizes the size of Sayako's cock ... I mean anyone else would really struggle in the position just to touch Tara's pussy, but Sayako's just nestles right up there.

    No.2 would be cool too, but would need to see some precum dripping down her shaft after a couple minutes.

  • Personally, the good thing about Number 2 is actually that is more like a direct teasing to the viewer, instead of between them. Of course it breaks the G4E plot line; but this is just an extra, a little spin-off.

    Still, I understand people disliking it, being the same place, over the same couch and in a similar position as in the DLC.01 cumshot scene. So is always nice to see something fresh, but I'm sure that, starting next month, we will end up with plenty of variety in sex, places and characters :D

  • I vote #3. Seems the closest to 'something new' to me.

  • Miro said it himself ! He know how to make the scenes of sex. Number 2 will be a good opportunity for him to work the facial expressions.

    whynot a good edging handjob with a creamy result ^^

  • I'd either go for 2 or 3 but if I had to pick one then number 3 as it is fresh if that makes sense

  • @'Torcoolguy':

    By a similar line of reasoning I feel that 2 will not be as effective by itself as 3 will.

    I disagree, 2 will provide a unique scene that will as another user said, tease the viewer more and bring them into the scene instead of the usual non-acknowledgement.

    Whereas i actually believe 3 is more of what we have been seeing, G4E was almost pure penetration and although the DLC's didn't have any, i think the focus needs to be less on the act because most people arent voting for 2 because they are dying to see a handjob. Its because they want to see a scene that is uniquely dedicated to the viewer via the eye contact throughout.

    We have seen a bunch of penetration in G4E before the DLCs but NEVER a scene like 2 where as i said its more devoted to the viewer.

    2 is the way to go :)

  • The reason 2 is what "we've been seeing for the past 2+ years" is because of its similarity to the presentation of Miro's earlier work, not what occurred in G4E.

    To me, a handjob, although of course still appealing, is more of a semi-sexual, or pre-sex event. Which is why I find it so disappointing to have an animation dedicated to it instead of an actual sex scene.

    In addition, I don't understand the focus on eye contact in a scene that isn't POV. We aren't supposed to be a present element in the events occurring in these films. Either of the two actors addressing us in any way is nonsensical. Even if we are supposed to consider ourselves some sort of strange voyeur who is actually present, their decision to lock eyes with us rather than each other is implausible given absolutely all other elements of the story and their behavior.

    Now I perfectly understand the idea that some viewers have their dick in their hand and usually don't care about this, and even among those who typically do I also do see the "sexual cacophony" argument wherein the situation is never taken in fully and merely follows the piecemeal intake of "BIG DICK, GOING IN VAGINA, ALSO BOOBS, GIRL MAKING EYE CONTACT WITH ME, BONER INTENSIFIES"

    But this state of euphoric ignorance is usually only achieved somewhat far into having a go at yourself. In a stand alone scene I feel that direct eye contact with the viewer will "beg the question of why" for a lot more people. To the extent that I even think some of the people who like it a lot may not feel the same way with a singular scene that features it so heavily.

    Regardless, as I mentioned before, I prefer 3, in that actual sex will be happening and the sex will be directly appealing even in its smaller dose. It's sort of the reverse of the taste test that started the production of "new coke" phenomenon. If given a single sip of coke or pepsi, most blind taste testers preferred pepsi, because it had more sugar in it. But the test that wasn't done until years later gave a full serving, wherein coke won out. Unfortunately coca cola company didn't have this foresight at the time, panicked upon the sip taste test, and made "new coke" after altering the formula in a few ways.

    By a similar line of reasoning I feel that 2 will not be as effective by itself as 3 will.

  • @'TheGreatCornholio':

    Kinda disappointing to see 2 get so many votes. For me it would be the same stuff we've been seeing for the last 2+ years. I would really like to see some actual penetration and/or new characters in the mix.

    Certainly agree with this.


    The statement was the part that was incorrect, its not what we have been seeing for 2 years as eye contact has only been used very very little, either way i respect your opinion :)

    The position and action is certainly very similar to what we've been seeing for 2 years, which is likely what he was referencing. Handjob/fellatio has been the main focus of the last release.

    Which is likely why you get this comment:


    it does seem like 2 is winning by a small margin, which is interesting to see, I thought it was time for sex :P

    Not a huge deal but he wasn't incorrect at all.

  • @'gronda74':

    If 2 does win, how about a cum shot on the camera? Or is that pushing the fluid dynamics too far?

    Me want it. It also be nice if both girls would play with that tool. Sayako upper part and Tara lower and balls.

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