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  • I do have a store account here, but I purchased Girlfriends 4 Ever from Renderotica (Renderotique). I didn't know that ya'll had your own store when I bought it from them. I checked the downloads at Renderotica, and it looks like the freebie part isn't included. How do I show proof of purchase in this event. I want to get DLC 02, but the purchase page says I require Girlfriends 4 Ever + DLC 01 in order for it to work. I am going to do similar to your above advise, but its for R'otica, so I don't know for sure that's what you want or need. Anyway, please advise, thank you.

  • Hi there,

    You need to create a store account using the same email in order to get the free copy. After you do that, email [email protected] with the BMT order number.

  • I don't have a login for the store. I have an old mail from a page called with links and login/pw. But they don't work any more. Also the bill is from the same page.Also tryed my mail at the forget password on the store page, but no reset mail.

  • Login to your account at the Affect3D Store. You will find an updated download link under "My downloadable Products".
    You will only find a download for G4E + DLC1.

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