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  • Update: Yes, actually, copy the DLC2 folder into the core folder and it loads just fine.

  • I bit the bullet and re-purchased the G4E+DLC1 bundle and DLC2 separately. More money on my end but it's worth it IMO.

    Having trouble getting DLC2 to show up in the G4E core, though. The initial installer took some time to start, but I'm assuming that's because it's got the full original and the DLC1, but should the DLC2 installer be slow?

    Assuming it was a problem with installing to C:, I uninstalled then reinstalled the core to a physically separate drive, but now the DLC2 installer crashes after I change the target to the correct folder (which it still auto-detects as C ).

    Can I just manually copy the DLC2 content over into the core folder?

  • This is from the G4E page:

    How to get the free G4E DLC1 if you’re eligible?
    If you have a store account. Check that you have access to your store account and can see your existing G4E order including download links for G4E. These download links will be replaced by a new set of links to the updated version of G4E including DLC1, after release of the DLCs. There’s nothing you need to do, just wait till the new download links appear and enjoy
    If you do NOT have a store account. You must register an account with our store (no way around this). This includes BMT store customers.

    1. register a store account:
    2. email [email protected] to verify your G4E purchase (see below)
    3. Affect3D Service will allocate G4E to your account

    Verify your G4E purchase (including BMT store customers)
    Email [email protected] with your proof of purchase including:

    1. name, date, email, item purchased (G4E or one of the bundles), site purchased from
    2. ALSO include: order confirmation email OR screenshot of site’s order page OR screenshot of your payment
    3. it is recommend you submit as soon as possible to avoid a waiting period

    Once you have your copy of G4E the same applies as outlined above ‘If you have a store account’.
    Purchase G4E DLC1:
    If you have not purchased the original G4E but still want the DLC1 you must purchase the original G4E or the G4E incl DLC1 after release of the DLC1. And if you want to purchase the DLC2 also it’s best to simply buy the new Affect3D 2015 bundle.
    If you buy G4E before the release of DCL1 it will be automatically upgraded after release. So this is one the quickest ways to get the DLC1.
    Girlfriends 4 Ever – DLC2
    How to buy G4E DLC2
    The first thing to note is that the DLC2 is NOT a standalone product. To run G4E DLC2 you will need the updated version of G4E (incl. DLC1)
    There are two general ways to buy and play G4E DLC2

    1. you already own G4E, in this case

      1. download the new version of G4E made available after the release of the DLCs
      2. buy and install G4E DLC2, which is then added as a playable DLC to the G4E core
    2. you do NOT own G4E yet, in this case

      1. it’s highly recommended you buy the Affect3D 2015 Bundle as this will include G4E and both the DLCs in one easy installer as well as additional WIP content

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