The WIP Post Girlfriends 4 Ever DLC thread

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    WHAT THE FUCK ?? Even lamest of those posted by IBT is insanely better that what is in both DLC.

    At which point I'm wondering … what (specifically) did I post that is (in your opinion) better than what was delivered? Are you talking about the fluid tests from back in 2014 that I referenced?


    I assume he's confusing you with Maxtor, and his 'spurting teapot' tutorial link.

    But yea I think he might have gotten me confused with IBT with my reference links.

    But regardless of the time frame and experimenting that Miro did, the texture and consistency was great I thought for what he achieved. I would have just preferred the volume to cover a wider surface area vs a straight line.

    But fluids are hard to get right in 3D. Its very mathematical, so you technically don't have much control. It very trial and error until you get something that looks good by playing around with the values. But again, he was experimenting with it, and with that amount of particles, the rendering tests would take forever. cause you cant scrub on the fly.

    You have to render out the whole damn thing with a renderer and that's based on a full render or test render with the cum texture. So like he mentioned I think last year, your looking at hours to days for just a couple seconds based on the render quality.

    What I would suggest Miro to speed up tests, *not sure if your did this. Maybe make a low poly version of sayko's torso and chest or even full body so its not so heavy on poly's, turn everything off that you don't need to render like tara, couch etc. or just make them invisible and only render visible objects, do a splatter test on just that section of her body until you get something that looks really good, then import those effects/ values into the actual scene, do a test render to see what it looks like on the scene. If its not good, then go back to the low poly version and keep testing. That way its mostly focusing on rendering the particles vs an entire scene. I think that would have sped up your render tests. But again i'm not sure if you did this before just hoping it might be a bright idea that you could try out to see if it helps your workflow :)

    But hopefully my feedback is constructive and helpful :)

  • @'IBT':


    WHAT THE FUCK ?? Even lamest of those posted by IBT is insanely better that what is in both DLC.

    At which point I'm wondering … what (specifically) did I post that is (in your opinion) better than what was delivered? Are you talking about the fluid tests from back in 2014 that I referenced?

    I assume he's confusing you with Maxtor, and his 'spurting teapot' tutorial link.

    BTW, I have now experienced two pop-unders while browsing/commenting on this thread… one of which wiped out a long message I was writing. :(

  • @'McMenel12':

    WHAT THE FUCK ?? Even lamest of those posted by IBT is insanely better that what is in both DLC.

    At which point I'm wondering … what (specifically) did I post that is (in your opinion) better than what was delivered? Are you talking about the fluid tests from back in 2014 that I referenced?

  • After sleeping few nights after i watched both DLC i must say this.
    Whole thing has that " oh shit , oh shit i waited too long to do this and i have two weeks to finish this mess quick ".
    Quality of loops change some are amazingly well done , in standards of graphic quality camera and plot , but some are horrific and terrible. Knowing what was posted in forum WIP i thing that some parts of DLC where done before "release event" and realizing that there is not enough material Miro started to quickly making some more. That is why there is a quality change and long "release event" … Cumshots .... Wow They look horrible. After stating that Miro is experimenting with fluid dynamic ( two times one is forum WiP and "release event" post ) i was really disappointed by that. After seeing posts about fluid simulation i dare to ask
    WHAT THE FUCK ?? Even lamest of those posted by IBT is insanely better that what is in both DLC.

  • @'IBT':

    Diagonal split screen.

    Yeah, that's what I'm talking about! Why should all the split-screen effects be reserved for the trailers?

  • I can't speak about DLC2 because I haven't bought it yet but I thought DLC1 was really good. The wait was still absolutely ridiculous but the end result was pretty awesome nonetheless.:P

    Honestly, the first few scenes where Sayako was self-sucking her cock started getting a little repetitive to me and I found myself wanting to fast forward to other parts. I think that repetitiveness is something that goes with the territory with these 3DX titles because of the looping that's required to extend the scenes.

    That said, things really heated up for me once the first couple scenes were over and the girls started tag teaming Sayako's cock. I feel like that's when Miro really started hitting his rhythm. The part where Tara managed to foreplay Sayako into getting rock hard again was pure genius and so incredibly hot! :D

    Oh..the other parts I really liked were the first person POV shots. Those definitely put you in the action and made the fucking and sucking seem so real! I bet those shots probably even helped fulfill a few fantasies out there. I know they did for me! ;)

    (Now that I got that out of the way I'm gonna go back and read through everybody else's reactions.)

    Edit: OK I'm back from reading through the thread. Sheesh! I didn't anticipate so much animosity. Sounds like some people had some very high expectations. :( I'll agree the DLC's aren't unbelievable breakthroughs but I personally never expected them to be. They're just DLC's, after all, not G4E 2.0. You'll have to wait until 2020 for that! jk

  • Something I've been thinking about, in relation to the DLC 2 cumshot scene, is that I honestly want to be able to see "both ends" of this at the same time. I want to be able to see Tara SWALLOWING all that COCK(!) down her throat while simultaneously viewing the top-down angle past Tara's ass in which you can see Sayako's reaction to what Tara is doing.

    So the question is … how to do "both" when you can't capture both in a single camera angle?

    Diagonal split screen.

    Do a top-right to bottom-left diagonal like the above. On the left, show Tara impaling her throat onto Sayako's cock. On the right, show Sayako's stunned and shaky eyes as she FEELS what Tara is doing to (and with) her. Composite the two existing camera angles into a single split screen framing, so that it can be SEEN what both are doing AND feeling(!) in real time, without needing to keep flipping between camera angles.

    I'm thinking that this wouldn't even need a new rendering pass for the Tara side of the composite shot, although that might be desirable for technical/framing reasons.

    miro, is this something you could run a test on using the existing footage you've "filmed" already?

  • It's not like Miro is an arc angel assigned to distributing ambrosia by dove-mail for the Israelites' breakfast. (not time sensitive material.)

    While it is certainly not 'good' business practice to confuse people about release dates for months/years at a time, we also need to keep the 'size' of individuals desperation in 'proportion' to larger concerns; all while realizing there are so VERY many companies/individuals that get 'years' behind on their promised entertainment releases. People just take it in stride, (accept for those few diehard individuals who will always be a vocal minority).

    Also, it's not like Miro is rubbing his hands together 'while' twirling his Snidley mustache (don't try this at home folks), delighting in these delays. (Unless you honestly believe his delays were a marketing scheme, to let the market ripen, and to let the whiners complain far and wide and so garner additional attention). :D

    I mean, just in the last year, 3DX has become a major search hit on porn sites, as crowdfunded artists are starting to spit out… gulp, 'my little phony' and 'Mass Erect' shorts ...And guess what links to that stuff? ...G$E!

    By making the original 'unofficial freeware' on porn sites, G4E has by now impressed a goodly percentage of the porn-consuming world, meaning that advertising was only necessary to make people 'aware' of the new release, (so sales would be immediate, for that necessary return on investment before pirating kicks in). Miro assures us the trailers got the job done, with x4 the sales over the orig. G4E.

    The one thing I would recommend to most 'any' business based around new release sales, is a specific month out of the year (or week out of the month, depending on how prolific you are) in which you 'always' release something. That way people will grow used to the pattern, and become your loyal cash cows, always ready for the milking.

    Getting ahead on your production so that even if something catastrophic happens (personally or business-wise), you still always have a product ready to go at the right time, is crucial. Yes I know, it drives artists nuts to have a project finished, then leave it in the vaults while they start the next project, but it is a 'necessity', as once you do come back to that poor deserted project (for it's release event), you will have fresh eyes, and be able to polish it better for it's big day.

    Good product release management is not crucial 'if' you have no competition, but if Miro had say... three-five other studios/artists making similar/equally detailed works, (who would eat his sales alive if he did not work out all the glitches), then he would be in trouble for releasing such a (software) buggy product.

    ...And the day is fast approaching when there 'will' be other producers of such high-end 3DX content! I would hate for Miro, (as an artist), to become financially irrelevant. ...Yet then there is the Affect3DStore to consider. It has become a legitimate marketplace... and it 'alone' will seemingly secure a successful financial future for Miro, so to say he is a 'bad' businessman is ridiculous.

    His personal interactions have become a 'lot' more professional, compared to when he first started this site... but the fact of the matter is, most artists - when they are currently 'nose to the grindstone' creating a product - are not going to be able to 'patiently' handle hecklers.

    If Miro wants to create a 'post by invitation only' thread for his future interactions, more power to him... Though that will most likely kill the very 'argumentative fascination factor' that kept his old WIP thread so alive. I'm sure once things calm down he'll come around, as it seems what he was 'most' worried about was new customers showing up on the 'new WIP thread' BEFORE they bought G4E+DLCs, & ending up 'not' buying because of the trashy comments!

    He did not end up taking down the thread though, as that would be tyrannical -- simply labeling it 'troll edition', to inform newbies to take what's said here with a grain of salt.

    I will say that his attempt to include so very many angles on each scene was excessive, for the presentation with which it was delivered.

    To really allow for an immersive feel... to relish the lust from every angle, it needs the 'Hulk' movie factor. I'm talking the original 2001 film with the multiple fluctuating camera angles, and such a thing is 'very' possible for Miro's video editor to accomplish for the eventual MP4 release. Each scene needs one master initiator angle, then start slicing/sliding/blossoming in alternate camera angles... Throw in some extra slo-mo/rewinds/zooms, and then finish up each scene with having one particular camera angle grow to take over the screen/scene again. Or zoom in on the eyes... Heck, even have the next scene start (fade-in or cross-cut) just before the old one ends, and make it a montage at points! There are a million different editing tricks, and the best part is, Miro has already developed all the footage! Let that video editor loose, and the fans will respond.

    With a correctly presented DLC .01 Mp4, I am sure everyone will be better able to see the overall storyline shining through. And yes, it will maybe even help DLC 2. :|

  • @xDreamZ:

    This is what makes G4E powerful and STILL a franchise and revolution to keep an eye on, and I look forward to the inevitable changes and new productions… no matter how long they take. Just a note to the wise though: @Blackr, @The Dude and a number of other artists are not standing still.

    I'm not standing still, but it's also not a race. For me the priority is the continued success of Affect3D, because that's my sales venue and that's where I make my living. Miro and I talk frequently and I'm confident that when I start animating I can rely on his help as I've done in the past :) We're all part of the same big club.

  • Here's a trick question(s).

    What is the ADVANTAGE gained by use of .swf files for the loops? How does running everything through THIS Player yield a superior product experience than any other options?

    Just about the only things I can think of involve the ease of looping the video and being able to use the speed slider to slow/hasten the rate of progress.

    So I guess the challenge is … are the better Player options available? And if there are, what would be their respective Pros and Cons relative to the existing Player framework?

  • Well… I sure hope this post doesn’t come across as trolling, because it could be that I brutally step on a lot of toes around here, including Miro’s and a number of other contributors.

    TL;DR at the bottom because yes, this is longer than I anticipated.

    Disclaimer first: this is being written as someone that came across the original G4E a little over a year ago on a tube site and then bought it to support Miro and this revolutionary artwork. I’ve been interested and have worked in graphics and film for some 30 years, many of it traditional pornography, but also illustrated adult comics.

    The first time I watched G4E I was buzzed like a virgin, something I haven’t experienced in many years… and previously have never been interested in Futa or (real) T-Girls I wrote to Miro as well as a number of posts on the DLC thread with many (too many?) words of encouragement and praise for his revolutionary “vision and art”, and suggestions how he might reconsider how he runs the business/product side. I’m not too far away from Tiffany’s opinions above… and to a certain extent, I would go even further. FYI: I’m not a gamer and the last time I played anything it was physical sport or PacMan in the 70’s.

    Problem 1 – Catering to Gamers
    How many people asked, “What’s a DLC?” Most importantly, how many people didn’t bother to ask? Right there with that simple question, it tells any product manager that they have to find a way to explain what they’re doing, and to people that have stumbled upon their art and see it as an animated film production… Toy Story for adults… as I did.

    Problem 2 – Scene creation for a dead tech player with all kinds of nasty technical limitations, bugs, and security that a fan MUST use to enjoy the art. Just a wild guess, but an estimate would be that 70-80% of fan complaints on the forums, DLC front page, and email support have been due to that crap Air/Flash technology Miro decided to forcibly foist upon fans to view his latest creations. No apology in saying: just plain stupid(!)

    Problem 3 – Related first and foremost to Problem 2 above – Story line and even fappabilty suffer due to the scenes continuous looping, same scene but 30 angles¡, circular-motion camera, disjointed and (almost?) becoming boring in length. This is not TELLING A STORY effectively. What it does show is that the artist/auteur has no concept, storyboard and/or discipline and is more enthralled with the art of making SCENES… rather than telling said story.

    That’s truly sad, because animation, and everything that Miro explored in G4E to push and use the art form as an extension of our imaginations and to tell a story; to do things with characters that would be for the most part practically impossible with real actresses (regardless of the few amateurs that can swallow a hockey stick or shove a dildo the size of an exhaust pipe of their bums)…. was thrown out of the window to a) placate gamers and b) put the carriage in front of the horse.

    Because traditionally, “Bonus Features” come AFTER a film. Not before it. It is to be explored, played AFTER the viewer has seen the auteur’s vision of THE STORY. I seriously doubt that we will change that tradition any time soon, and with this as an example... nor should we even want that(!)

    I was led to believe that Miro understood not only the power and technicalities of his art, but the dynamics of believable situations and characters in EROTICA. No pony art, no freaky aliens, no tatted, pierced and studded alt models… just pure beauty with some exaggerated sexual organs and talents… but first and foremost knew how to develop a story through storyboarding, scene creation and editing. Something that was evident and mind-blowing in G4E has turned out to be a fluke.

    It appears I’ve misjudged those talents, and now I know and I think we all do what took so long: Miro was never satisfied with the quality of a scene; re-did, re-worked, re-modeled, re-rigged, re-rendered and a host of other re’s to those scenes… and simply lost track of the story he was going to tell, as well as time itself. He eventually said, “I have to throw this out there”… and that’s exactly what he did.


    I’m not the first to say this… but too bad the hype and build-up, his “fun” of participating in endless (worthless!) polls, discussions, this forum itself, the website recreation, the DISTRACTIONS of any and all kind to break the obvious monotony of “getting it perfect”… is at the end, the downfall of his perfection which is the creation of G4E itself.

    It could’ve been so easy with no technical difficulties for fans, or even Miro and crew, no explanations necessary for "What is a DLC?"… missing scenes… scenes that go on for too long or don’t work in continuity… even rendering glitches would’ve been forgiven...


    ...Miro would’ve released EPISODE 1 and EPISODE 2 as simple, play anywhere on any device, downloadable (or even streaming?) H264 – MP4 files of 10-15 minutes in length.

    I realise Miro has said he will do a movie-style version in December. Too little.. too late… UNLESS… he now goes back to the studio, pulls out some of those test renders and scenes… and basically tells us the STORY he envisions of Sayako & Tara and their erotic escapades of discovering not only each other… but themselves.

    This is what makes G4E powerful and STILL a franchise and revolution to keep an eye on, and I look forward to the inevitable changes and new productions... no matter how long they take. Just a note to the wise though: @Blackr, @The Dude and a number of other artists are not standing still.

  • If you aren't going to bother reading my posts miro then don't bother replying to them because it annoys me and wastes both our time. Besides, I hate having to repeat myself.

    As for the rating… If you're going to keep whining about my rating then maybe you should bother reading why I rated it that low, in detail, which I posted and you didn't bother to read:

    ! > I would not have posted my ratings of your DLC's if someone hadn't plastered an entire page misquoting me as giving it ratings that I would not have. I did so because I have some integrity with my standards and I don't want to see that misrepresented.

    Yes, I give your DLC.01 a 0.5 out of 5 in its current state. That's a 10% out of 100% and it's a complete flop. You could bring that up to a 25% rating if you fix all of the bugs that you released with your unfinished work. The thing is, it's not going to get higher than that. The cum isn't going to be fixed, let's be realistic. It just isn't. You also aren't going to fix the camera angels and overall direction of the scenes (e.g. angles that you film in). These things are not on the table because you would effectively have to rework the entire project which took you some 2-3 years. There are many minor flaws but these are the big glaring flaws and no matter what you do they cannot be fixed and that is why the rating is so poor. Sorry, I just didn't like it.

    Your DLC.02 was considerably better, but as it was released completely unpolished that resulted in it getting a 25% rating. If the minor issues were fixed it would go up to a 50%. Keep in mind that I only even gave your original G4E a 90%. That puts DLC.02 at 40% off.

    Here's why my rating, even if the bugs were fixed and it was polished, is so low:

    The DLC's primary focus appears to be on Sayako's balls. Tara sucks on them, Tara strokes them, Tara cuddles them, they are the focus of the work it would seem. I have expressed many times how I do not like the balls, so it should be no surprise that I wouldn't enjoy features focused on them.

    In the first DLC the autofellatio scene which is the whole focus of the entire DLC is absolutely cringe-worthy. The way Sayako's enormous breasts look in that position and the way her back moves unnaturally to suck herself off… it's extremely unpleasant and disconcerting. It actually made me feel uneasy and completely put off. The remainder of the focus was, of course, Sayako's orange sized balls that are in fact shaped like tennis balls rather than almond shaped, and... that entire portion was just extremely gross for me. The entire DLC.01 was extremely gross for me. It was just downright bad. Add on top of that the wax/plastic cum scenes which magically shoot from 1-2cm from the tip of the dick and you're basically left with the rating that I gave. There is no redemption for DLC.01 for me. I could not possibly give it a positive review. I just can't. It doesn't do it for me. It was gross and offputting for me. That's why your rating is so bad.

    As for DLC.02, I'll admit that the rating that I gave and the review that I gave might be a bit skewed by the horrible and grossness inherited from DLC.01 as I watched the two of them in immediate succession and was completely disenfranchised by the time I started 02.

    Here's what I can say: The dick rising scene in the original G4E was super hot. In DLC.02 it was not. It wasn't exciting at all. I don't know how you managed to miss the mark on that, but you did. The blowjob scene in the original G4E was super hot. In this DLC, it just... wasn't. I don't know if it was the camera angles, or the weird gunk on Tara's hand, or what, but it was just really unsatisfying. I can say that the cunnilingus scene was far worse however, as it was just like Sayako was bobbing her head up and down below Tara with her tongue out slightly like she had no clue whatsoever what she was doing and that was made worse by Tara literally saying that she was good at it. I would love to see a good cunnilingus scene and the one in this DLC was crushing a disappointment.

    Moving forward, we're left with bad black screen transitions that last for what 10-20 seconds? And overall bad camera angles, along with a cumshot that is truly bad. Maybe you worked on the cum simulation for so long that you can't objectively see how bad they are, but they are really and truly bad. DLC.02 would have constituted probably a 20% higher rating by cutting the cumshot scene all together. All you'd have to do is stop it as Sayako is clearly cumming and Tara is taking it down her throat, swallowing her cum and it's so obvious that it's happening... and you just leave it. You don't have this super fake wax/plastic cum spewing out like a water hose a cm from the cock for far too long. You just have her swallow it and come off her dick with a smile, give the tip of her dick a seductive kiss and have her tell Sayako her cum was delicious or something. If you did that and you completely reworked the cunnilingus scene then the rating would be much much higher.

    I'd say that it could maybe push it to an 80% but realistically with the unexciting dick rise, unexciting dick sucking, and bad camera angles... I'm just not really sure that it would deserve that high of a rating. There are just some really core issues that need fixed that go well beyond the unpolished state of the release, and they're such core things that they simply aren't able to be fixed from a realistic standpoint. You can't redo the whole thing.

    I've only ever given you honest reviews, and this one was brutally honest. If you want to call me a troll then that's your prerogative but you're wrong.
    If you understood why I rated it the way I did it wouldn't seem so mind blowing.

    Onto other things…

    Tiffany, forgive me if don't read all of your wall of text, maybe sometime in the near future. But your last sentence says it all. You speak as if you have an idea of what you're talking about, but you don't. The G4E DLCs were a bigger success then even G4E, by a great margin and I was seriously surprised by how successful G4E was.

    You really don't get it, do you? That sentence was the culmination, not of the few paragraphs above relating to business, but of my entire post. We aren't talking about how successfully you sell your products (yet). What we're talking about is your business image. This is your second real product, the rest were all little picture sets. Your business practices haven't had an impact on your sells as of yet, but if you keep up your business practices then I can assure you that your profits are most definitely going to see a hit eventually. They probably already have.

    You know all of those people that leave angry comments about the way you've managed this entire thing and say they won't support you or buy your work anymore? They aren't necessarily lying, and they aren't necessarily the only ones that feel that way. Your business practices are making you lose a lot of potential customers already and if you continue on the path that you're on without changing anything then you're doing yourself a disservice.

    Since you can't be bothered to read coherent sentences, allow me to bullet-point it:

    • You will literally lie to our faces and then deny it.
    • You consistently label irate and/or disappointed customers as "trolls" and handle yourself with a complete lack of professionalism.
    • Whenever you mess up you outright denied any wrongdoing. More times than not, you even go so far as to blame your customers.
    • You have horrible time management skills and completely unrealistic expectations of what you can do. My rule of thumb has become to multiply any time estimate that you give us by 3 to 5 and even that often falls short.
    • You have extremely bad business practices. Something like a 9 month long "release event" can never happen again.
    • You let hype engines run for way too long and deny their existence. I believe this directly correlates to my followup below.

    Overall, I think your biggest problem is that you treat your customers like a fanclub. You haven't seemed to grasp that you're running a business, and not just a fanclub that pays your bills. You have to act professionally, treat your customers with respect, have respectable business practices, and maintain a good business image.

    The reason I think you need a business manager is because you have demonstrated that you clearly have no grasp of how fast you can actually work or how long projects will take. I can't help but imagine that you probably spent quite a few months treating your products like casual hobbies that you would tinker around with rather than buckling down and working, which a business manager would also help with because it would feel more like a job. For that however, I don't think you could handle that kind of environment. So, you need to not make promises of future extras unless you already have them completed or at least 95%+ completed, and you need to not start hyping a release until it's complete. That's the only way you're going to conquer your time management crisis.

    The reason I suggest a Publicist/PR is because of how you consistently lie to your customers, and treat anyone disappointed or angry as trolls. This just isn't a good business practice, and if you can't handle dealing with your customers in a professional manner then maybe you need someone that can do that for you.


    IDK, all that kind of fits in with the urban dictionary definition of being a troll: One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument.

    I don't know how frequently you've been lurking around here but I've been here since the beginning giving miro constructive criticism. I've never sugar coated anything with niceties. That's just not how I am. I always give a cold logical analysis.

    I don't post just to stir up shit. I'm not a troll. I never troll, anywhere, ever. If that's what you think then that was your first mistake. Try going back and reading my posts with the assumption that they're from a no nonsense kind of person that is brutally honest and goes directly to the point with no added fluff. When I critique something, it's just that, a critique. When I praise something, it's genuine, but it's also rare. So, if I do praise something you should imagine it amplified a thousand fold. I don't do that though. I'm bad at that. There are plenty of other people for that. There aren't many people around that give critiques like I do though. Most people are too worried about hurting someone's feelings or coming off as complaining too much, so it all gets buried in praise and it's a mess to sort out what the real issues are. Stroking an artist's ego is going to make him feel better but it isn't going to help him improve his work and if he gets lost in all the praise and can't even see the critiques then that's a problem and it's why I'm completely direct and to the point. No nonsense.


    it seems that you don't like Miro's work stylistically. You don't like the angles, the voices, the direction, the balls, the tits, the assholes or the cum. But to give a product like this a "10%" is in fact pretty trolly

    For the DLC's, that's all true. I don't like any of that, and it played a large part in how significantly low my rating was. I don't know who you think I'm rating these for, because it sure as hell isn't some Beauru of Futanari Cock Statistics. It's my own personal ratings, so yes, my own personal preferences and tastes are going to play a role on my rating of a product. That should be obvious.


    When you give that kind of rating your basically saying every aspect of the entire product was a failure

    Yes, that would be the point. For me, every aspect of the DLC's was a complete and utter failure. Thus, the ratings. There's not some magical inconsistency here. That's literally how I feel, and it's also how I rated.


    It sounds very subjective because as you said you lost all "respect" for Miro and are trying to hit him where it hurts.

    How I feel about miro as a business and miro as an artist are completely different.

    My reviews of art are always completely unbiased by personal feelings about an artist or business. It's about the art, not the artist, and not the company selling the art.

    I even separate miro as a person. But to be perfectly honest with the way he's been treating me the last several times he's bothered to grace me with replies over the past year or two he's been making it really hard for me to keep liking him. It's been like this ever since the first time we got into a big argument. I honestly don't think that he's ever gotten over it. It seems like he's been taking all of my critiques really personally ever since.

    We are actually friends, you know, even if we've seemed like frenemies lately. I actually have him on Skype, though… he hasn't actually replied to me since January 2014. We actually used to talk a lot years ago. I definitely think he's still upset about that big argument we had years ago. He took it really personally. Like, really really personally.


    For years we've been reading how little you like Miro's work and your constant complaints
    (W)hat I really just don't understand is why are you still here?

    You really don't understand at all, do you? I've been around here from the beginning giving miro constructive criticism of his work. As far as I understand it my critiques have also been very helpful to miro over the years. I told him a long time ago that if he ever wanted me to stop all he had to do was ask. He never has, so I have to believe that my critiques are still helpful to him. And so, regardless of how badly some people might think of me around here, because they don't understand how I critique art, I continue.


    You don't really seem to enjoy Miro's work at all so why not just go to the forums of the artists you do like or make something better and come back when you do?

    Why on earth would I come back here if I left to make something better? Just to spit in miro's face and spite him? That's immature as fuck. And you know what? I've never found any respect for anyone that resorts to those kinds of attacks. "Let's see you make something better!" It's just such a typical ad hominem, and so incredibly tacky.

    Having said that, I wouldn't be here if I didn't like miro's work. I feel like I've had to say this every time some rabid oblivious whiteknight like you jumps my case. To be perfectly honest I'm getting tired of having to repeat the same shit ad nauseam.


    (You) come to a forum (…) (to) bash him on his "total flop" of a product that had "non-existent positive aspects"

    I critique his art. That's what I do here. I'm more disappointed than anyone that his DLC's turned out the way they did. That's probably also why my reviews have been the most scathing. Someone that doesn't care about an artist's work doesn't get disappointed when they put out something bad. Someone that cares deeply does. And yes, to me it feels like the DLC's just aren't good. I wish that wasn't the case. I was really looking forward to them. I even said as much a few times in the DLC vs (whatever) threads.

    The animation itself is skillfully done, the texture on the cock is amazing, but the flow of the piece is completely disrupted by too many different angles & loops. I feel like he really should have stuck with continuous scenes, scenes that naturally progress rather than flipping across angle after angle then going to black screen. Obviously I also don't like ball worship, really bad looking cum, or supremely disappointing cunnilingus. So yeah, it got a poor rating for me. When I say it did nothing for me - literally not even wet - I'm not exaggerating. If a porno can't even make me wet then there's a serious problem and given as that's its purpose, it's impossible to give it a high rating. I should be gushing wet and cumming a few minutes into it, not watching the entirety of both DLC's hoping it gets better and does something for me. It's not like my pussy is broken either. The DLC's just… don't do it for me... at all.

    And you know, if I were here to troll I don't think I'd be going around helping people. I'm not nearly as malicious as some of you people seem to think.


    further bash him personally for being a "liar/bad businessman/grasshopper in need of ant"

    I wasn't bashing him personally. I was critiquing the way he runs his business, and like his art, I give my advice on how he can improve. You, and for that matter miro, shouldn't take it so personally.


    I mean you even predicted G4E would sell 50 copies (I could be wrong, but it was a small number), and I don't even want to get into what a margin of error that was.

    I don't remember saying something like that in that context. I seem to recall there being a discussion of how well G4E would sell under various price ranges and I put the sales numbers lower with higher prices. God, that was ages ago…


    In any case, Tiffany, your negativity stays in this thread. Hope you understand.

    Just so we're clear, because I've had a nagging feeling for a few years now, but when you refer to "the trolls," are you talking about me?

  • @'The:

    I'm again gonna disagree with the severity of the problem as stated above. People were "severely let down" by bad framerate, bad looping, bad sounds? No. I wasn't.

    This is clearly quoting me, which I haven't even made a thoughtful review, I was just pointing out some of the flaws.

    Also, I think you misunderstood me. I wouldn't assume people to be let down by some technical glitches as much as everything else, however, I can see people (who have certainly expressed their frustration and so forth here) who have been let down by the project as a whole in comparison to how long it took.

    This took years to make for a very very unpolished released, that's the disconcerting part. The other part is the fact that Miro can't accept the criticism. For example, he's trying to defend himself as if he didn't label most or at least all of us in this thread as a troll just because of the bad criticism - if there was only 2 people (his statement) that were trolling, why identify the entire thread as a "troll edition?" It's because of his obvious lack to take criticism.

    I could formulate a thoughtful review, it wouldn't be scored as low as Tiffany's, however, the points would still be there. Should I make a review? Probably not. It's pretty evident I've been labeled a troll and my opinions wouldn't matter even though Miro could exclude that fact that I've been lurking around here for an eternity and am a paying customer.

    Regardless, the points against it have been made and are certainly valid. People can be in denial all they want but most of the issues can be agreed with. Did I ever say it was a bad animation and that I absolutely hate Miro's guts for making me so disappointed? No. I still prefer the animation over what else exists out there today because the detail is just much more advanced than most crap we see. I don't hate Miro and I understand where he is coming from in certain aspects, but the defensive and arrogant kind of nature he's coming by with is what I think stirred up a little trouble. Learn to accept criticism, whether you deem it as trolling or not.

  • @'Maxtor':

    Anyways Links! I came across this stuff while googling. Maybe you saw these or they might help! either way here they are!

    (Watch the video below for an example) ( plugin is freeware)

    Yeah but teapots are the opposite of Sayako; short and stout. ;)
    …Though the way it bounces 'is' kinda reminiscent of her breast-jiggle physics. :D

  • Heya Miro! Great job on the DLC's I really enjoyed them. Great stuff I saw in there! And as usual I like to give my artistic feedback. It's been quite a journey ill tell you from hongfire to here haha. But you made it through! Took awhile but that's alright! A lot of people may have their personal thoughts about the DLC, I find most of them are personal preference vs actual constructive feedback.

    What I would like to know from an artistic point of view, what sort of things do you plan on refining/ exploring with your work :).

    I know you were experimenting with the cumshot stuff during the DLC so I could see that as frustrating render test after render test.

    The texture that you settled on I thought was great but have you tried cum splatter? how hard is it to stick to the skin etc. When I was watching the climax scenes, when Sayako shot straight up I have to be honest that I laughed cause it looked kinda funny. Not to say that it was terrible, but it seemed as if that was the best way to do it at this time. I have an eye for that stuff, so it doesn't get by me at all. Nice try though lol XD

    Ill add those links below. Also MAKE those balls squishier!! XD! They looked better than last time but they need more weights I think.

    Tiff doesn't like balls but that's too bad lol its your project :P :)

    Oh another thing I noticed, again just little details that would help sell your animation better. During the blow job scenes, as I watched, (again I'm not sure if you tried this) deformation on their cheeks, so when they come out from the suck position (slow out) have the cheeks suck inward so it gives it a sense that its being sucked hard or soft depending on the depth of the concave in the cheek.

    More blinks, eyes closed to show more depth in what they are doing, lip sync is meh fine for now * lots of work to get it right with the dialogue. Some overshoot and settles to smooth out some movements.

    I'm just a little sad how angry people got, when they weren't satisfied how it turned out, or what they wanted wasn't in/out of the DLC.

    I dunno I thought it was pretty good in my opinion. They just don't understand how long this stuff takes. Just to like test something, u cant just scrub along with a scroll bar, you have to render out the whole scene which takes hours if not days just for a couple seconds, with a basic render plugin too! I dunno whatever. You did great man. :)

    Anyways Links! I came across this stuff while googling. Maybe you saw these or they might help! either way here they are!

    (Watch the video below for an example) ( plugin is freeware)

    If I think of anything else ill post it here!


  • @'miro':


    Wow Miro… I thought the previous threads had given you thicker skin.

    this is me with a thick skin, do you see me raging? But would you feel comfortable having a discussion in this environment? I don't.

    The sheer number of smiley faces in that previous post makes me think otherwise…

  • Oh no, trolls in the dungeon!
    I actually feel I am sort of to blame. The new (writing) project I am undertaking is a subtle spoof of sorts, and it makes me behave kinda subtly provocative. (Like Tara on the prowl, Roaahr!) Like for example, "here's wishing the new (redheaded) d-girl is un-cut… unless it's her muscles we're talking about ;)"

    See how trolly-flaming I am? I mean seriously, bringing up personal preferences of a controversial nature; mentioning what seems to be the crowd consensus on what the new futa's hair color should be, all with wild disregard to others own voluble/valuable opinions? I am the very antithesis of coexistence.

    Alright, DLC .02 here we go!

    Um… Whaaat! It just endlessly cycles if I click on the 'Sayako option'. I'm guesing this was supposed to be the branching point for the two DLCs. Might wanna fix that, or just remove it entirely.
    ! The lines and the voices from the opening scene are... not fitting into what's happening at all! They just feel tacked on. Honestly, I'd prefer moaning silence for this entire getting hard scene, with just their eyes so adequately expressing their thoughts... or at least a Tara narration overlay.
    ! Okay, Sayako grabbing her own nipple... duh duh duh dah DAH, I'm luvin it!
    Tara's length lavishing licking is rad-dick-ulous! Oh MY, the way Sayako is osculating her wide hips (once Tara starts to blow), it's spot on... lookin so sensual, & natural. The introduction of that end table for Sayako to place her foot on, totally facilitates the movement.
    ! ...Sayako's breasts are even getting in on the hypnotic swaying action! HellZ yes! The way those shiny nipples reflected the spotlight: makin 'em cloud nine teats that beg for further tweaking.
    ! The partially soft cock completes the ensemble. it's like all of Sayako is in fluid motion, all centered around Tara's ministrations. Damn, Tara's oiled up like she's ready for roasting on a spit! That reminds me, love those slight spit-squelch sounds while she's suckin'. That's the ticket... to the big leagues! ..And Sayako's up to bat.
    ! Okay the first pre-rendered scene ends... to be replaced by, the same scene in lower, looping quality? Um, I think it has run it's course... but okay. :|
    ! Yum all over... the way Tara's butt muscle flexes every time she leans forward; and her hair's really bouncing off her back realistically! Okay, since I'm giving it permission, this scene can go on a little longer. ;)
    ! The bend in Sayako's cock really adds emphasis to the fact she's already cum hugely once this evening.
    ! That little mole on Sayako's left tricep is a nice touch. Hmm, right where Tara's hand is clamped around the base of Sayako's cock like a ring, there seems to be some odd yellow refracted light emerging out from under her grip. Only noticeable from one angle for a few seconds though... and it's not that disconcerting. The underneath angle 'up-close', focused on Tara's sucking... it makes Sayako's face look so smutty...
    ! Like I said before, Tara's narration about meaty texture, etc... makes her sound too much like a cock connoisseur, (rather than an aficionado). So far I'm not digging these lines. Their not exactly horrifying, but it's just kind of something to be endured.
    ! "Her cock swayed from side to side" eh? So I see. Veddy Noice! The detail all along it's length is frankly astonishing. Miro didn't mess around when it came to 'personalizing' those cock textures!
    ! The pendulum balls swaying here is great; frankly a 'lot' more interesting then Tara sucking them 'forever' in DLC .01
    ! The arching of Tara's spine is so phenomenally executed... it really brings attention to Tara's heart-shaped butt while she kneels, perched on her heels.
    ! Why is it when Tara grabs Sayako's hips and starts up the 'quick deepthroating', that Sayako's hands look like preying mantis arms? The skinniness, and the way the backs of her hands are just kinda glued to her tush. :-/
    ...Her expression is amazing however.
    Tara's hair is acting like oil on a hot griddle the way a couple thick strands of it are dancing along her back like that.
    ! Heh, some of the pillars in the shadowed background have two spots of light, kinda making it look like there are eyes gleaming out there in the blackness.
    ! Yep, Sayako looking right at the camera, then her eyes going unfocused, is just as stomach flopping as I'd thought it would be when I first 'saws' it in the trailer.
    ! Those balls be smacking Tara's chin good 'an hard! What a trooper. I don't know why people are complaining about 'too many' scene angles. I just hit next once I have seen enough.
    ! Hmm, a shoulder mole on Sayako. ...Now I'm wishin she had one on her chest too. ;)
    ! Skipping those 'musky lines' next time... thank you very little.
    ! Heh, Sayako's balls are wobbling like rubber, while Tara grinds on her face. I think the effect is caused by the out of focus scrotal attachment to the cock. As always, Sayako's breasts come to the rescue. Every bounce from them is realistically surreal.
    ! If titties could be gotten for ladeez IRL that looked that good, I might abandon my principles for liking them 'au naturale'.
    ! Okay, now I'm getting into the voice over. "So delicious" is right! You go gurl!
    Bodacious bouncing boobies! Just wish there was some faint sound effects for when tara goes clapping them together. Yikes, I bet those wrist bangles tara's wearing would feel awfully cold on Sayako's nipples! The wiggl-jiggle of Tara's breasts is... dare I say, even better!
    ! Oh yeah, here comes the warble-beat synthe-music... it's game time!
    ! Tara scores a hit on that swaying python first try! Such mouth eye coordination, like a dog after mid-air Cheetos.
    ! Those are some nice freckles on Tara's breasts... Oh wait, Am I supposed to be focusing on 'The load'® Sayako's curently ramming down Tara's gullet?
    ! ...Um, the spewing cum looks... stop motion. The way Tara's rubbing the imaginary cum onto her face, reminds me of a live-rendered cut-scene in video-games... not good :(
    ! When Tara gos waaay down on the still cumming Sayako, I love the way her small breasts slide in between Sayako's bigger ones. Tara's arms around Sayako's waist... Here comes the sweet blissful torture. Bring it on, make Sayako's eyes dance! Oh, it's already over? :huh:
    ! The wrap up speech by Tara, left relationship things in 'kinda' the same state, when compared with DLC .01 -- I just didn't see as much development of the characters personalities in the ways they made love, as compared with DLC .01, where the sparks a flying high!
    ! I mean, in DLC .01 they BOTH go crazy all over Sayako's spewing member, then they get to drift off cuddling on the cummy launge... and then the description of them walking out of the chamber the next morning buck naked... it really fired the imagination; whereas the DLC 2 was just like... 'well it's over' with no final scene whatsoever. Just a half-hearted clue they'd be sure to make love lots more times in the future.

    The story accompaniment & sexual elements were 'way' more appealing to me in DLC .01, and the cumshot was "LOADS" better there as well! I mean, DLC .02 isn't all 'that' bad – but when compared to what 'came before', it's kinda underwhelming. I'll give it a 6.5 outta 10, and probably only watch it once more in a few weeks time.

    Miro is the doctor of dick -- DLC .01, the victor I pick.

  • @'Tiffany':

    On the contrary, I think it should be obvious to anyone who's slightly sensible that you have no idea what trolling is, and you never have. You don't even understand how unprofessional your reaction is every time you get largely negative feedback.

    Truth be told, I lost all respect for you in any kind of professional sense with the way that you handled the original G4E thread here:

    IDK, all that kind of fits in with the urban dictionary definition of being a troll: One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument. I didn't really feel like quoting your entire essay but the point I'm making is it seems that you don't like Miro's work stylistically. You don't like the angles, the voices, the direction, the balls, the tits, the assholes or the cum. But to give a product like this a "10%" is in fact pretty trolly, it's like you are trying to upset him. I know people who can't stand the thought of any kind of futa content, who might gag at the very sight of Sayako but would probably rate the DLCs higher. When you give that kind of rating your basically saying every aspect of the entire product was a failure, which despite how little you may have enjoyed it does not at all sound like a very objective review. It sounds very subjective because as you said you lost all "respect" for Miro and are trying to hit him where it hurts. But what I really just don't understand is why are you still here? You don't really seem to enjoy Miro's work at all so why not just go to the forums of the artists you do like or make something better and come back when you do? For years we've been reading how little you like Miro's work and your constant complaints, I used to be a part of the 3DGSpot forums but as I slowly lost interest in their videos I packed up my digital luggage and left, so why not do the same? You're now at a point that you're going out of your way to come to a forum of an artist you no longer "respect" to bash him on his "total flop" of a product that had "non-existent positive aspects", further bash him personally for being a "liar/bad businessman/grasshopper in need of ant" and then have the gall to say you're not the troll and he's just being sensitive?! It's going beyond constructive criticism, it's all a bit much don't you think?

    But also Miro there was something I wanted to point out so that hopefully it gets resolved in the patch, in the movie maker, if I drag two of the same videos into the playlist they add together and then play normally as in it plays it twice. However if I just add one then hit the + sign, it will show as if it's doubled it but when i hit play it only rolls once. Anyone else experiencing the same?


    Back in June of 2014(!) … we were treated to a series of cumshot tests. They can be found ...

    … and Here.

    For those people who don't remember, this is what I'm referring to:

    Also a quick thanks IBT, I had saved these to my computer last year but somehow misplaced them.

  • Alright, so here is my take on the whole shabang. And, btw, yes, I realize that I'm a nobody on this forum, but here goes anyway.

    It's brilliant.

    It's more than that, it's an artistic achievement.

    It could have been better.

    I may not be the leading expert on futa 3DX but the stuff I know is utter and complete trash 9 out 10 times and 11 out of 10 times when compared to Miro's work. Miro is simply waaaaay better than any other 3DX artist out there when it comes to animation and especially facial expression. So people rating stuff 0.5 out 5 are entitled to their opinion but that can really only be true if the absolute majority of the competition is rated 0.000005 out of 5 because Miro is just that far ahead of the others.


    We are obviously not comparing Miro to other people, we are comparing Miro to Miro and especially to G4E and I can see how people would find it somewhat disconcerting that, after having waited for two years, they did not get the exact product that they were hoping for. I did not get that either and frankly it would have probably been impossible to deliver. That is my main point and I think Miro is reacting in the exact right way: The release event was loads of BS. Don't EVER do that again. It's not like you promised to bring down the heavens to us pervs but that is what we pervs expected after two years and what you delivered was an outstanding but quite earthly piece of erotic animation.

    All in all, let me say it again: The DLCs are fantastic, there is nothing out there that is even in the same league and I sincerely hope that you continue providing the community with this high quality standard of yours. Just, you know, next time don't raise expectations to a point you cannot satisfy.

    In ceterum censeo, remove the damn balls… :P

  • Back in June of 2014(!) … we were treated to a series of cumshot tests. They can be found ...

    … and Here.

    For those people who don't remember, this is what I'm referring to:

    You'll need to click the links I've provided in order to get to the posts with the videos in them to see the tests that miro was doing back in June 2014. As miro explained at the time, Sayako was "frozen" in the pose because these were purely fluid tests.

    Looking back on those test videos, I'm thinking that (in retrospect) affect3d_girlfriends4ever_dlc1_189.mp4 and affect3d_girlfriends4ever_dlc1_190.mp4 were the closest approach to the preferred fluid of the options presented. 189 was just a little too "watery" and broke apart too quickly/easily and 190 was just a little bit too heavy/thick/goop-y, so the direction to go in would have been to find something of a middle ground in between 189 and 190 (yay hindsight!).

    But look at what the fluid is DOING upon touching surfaces! It's STICKING! Even more importantly, it's clinging to vertical surfaces (yay Pillar of Civilization!).

    Contrast that with what we see in DLCs 1&2 as releases, where the cum either pours out (completely) or just BOUNCES OFF surfaces, with totally non-stick attributes.

    But beyond even that … notice how Sayako is posed in this image. It's one that involves cum fountaining DOWN onto her prone form. This maximizes the available horizontal surface area for her cum to splash/splatter onto and get stuck in place, offering the simulation (although maybe not actuality) of stickiness. Point being that if cum doesn't "cling" to surfaces (like the insides of mouths) then the fluid very quickly gets labeled as NOT CUM and there is a unconscious desire to label the fluid dynamics either broken or fake ... which then causes structural problems in the Suspension Of Disbelief Bridge (enough to bring it down, for some of us).

    Which is a long winded way of saying that I think you got a bit too overly ambitious with the POSING involved in your cumshots, miro. You went for vertical posing (of Sayako and Tara) rather than relying on the "tried and true" horizontal/prone posing that worked so successfully in G4E.

    I honestly think that if you'd gone with a different posing and animation of Sayako and Tara for the cumshots, you'd have been able to use the fluid simulation (settings you wound up using) AS IS and "get away with it" simply by changing the postures and posing of what the fluid simulation was trying to inter(re)act with. Consequently, I'd recommend that going forward ... until you've "licked" (and sucked and eaten an- I'm sorry, where was I?) the problems and challenges of finding the right setting to make cum fluids STICK onto surfaces they hit, you'd be better off keeping the "receiver" of cumshots in your work in more of a prone position than an upright one ... assuming you don't switch over to INTERNAL cumshots and creampies instead.

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