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  • Avoiding both trailers on purpose. I'll wait for the release. :D

    As for SW, I'll have to go see it, even though I don't "do" theaters, but it'll have to be late when all the kids are home.

  • Well, nowadays I'm more hyped about G4E DLC because is just getting released this week. In a month span, I'll probably begin to be extremely hyped for Star Wars Episode 7, I really love that saga very much.

    But who are we kidding, after seeing the movie, I'll probably end up watching G4E DLC more XD

  • I usually go to the earlier shows, like 9AM - 4PM because tickets are a lot cheaper and hardly anyone is there.

  • I am so excited for star whores!

    Fez buddy, Its Star Wars

    ….Screw That!

    just a favorite quote of mine from that 70s show :D

    Definitely excited for Star Wars, and I would love a 2am screening I try to go to the latest show I can, on a regular basis :cool:sleep is for the weak.

  • @'Tiffany':

    So in other words you probably aren't going to make your Star Wars screening? :P

    LOL well I don't know… if anything I'll likely be freed up much faster than anticipated and then will have plenty of time before the screening :blush:

  • So in other words you probably aren't going to make your Star Wars screening? :P

  • I started the thread a bit prematurely lol, but now that the DLC trailer is actually out I definitely am more excited about G4E more. :)
    I did buy tickets for Star Wars, although I was only able to get a 2am screening. Will be sure to watch the G4E DLC right before that screening. :D

  • You're putting me in a tough spot :D I'm an equal fan of both for entirely different reasons, haha. Did some major hyping over the Star Wars trailer though.

  • Let's put it this way.

    I'll watch the G4E trailer more than once.
    I haven't watched the Star Wars trailer yet … nor do I feel a compelling need (or desire) to.


  • Definitely G4E. I'm not a big Star Wars fan. I don't care about the trailer at all though. I just want the release.

  • G4E DLC, of course. Can't understand the mania over a mere movie trailer - talk to me when the movie actually comes out….

  • G4E DLC.

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