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  • @'3DEscortGirls':

    I'm going to make a most unusual critique here. I think the solo pic of the woman (that ain't no GIRL!) on the left, previously presented, is the better image, in part because the focus of attention is all on HER, rather than being split between her and the couple in the background.

    I'd even go so far as to say that the ideal framing for her would be to take this …

    … and crop the picture further out frame right, so as to include the entirety of her sword, but without the couple (still) being present in the (cropped) background. As a compositional matter, this would mean that the vertical centerline of the image would not align with the centerline of her cleavage-to-crotch, like it (sort of) does now. Doing this would then emphasize the asymmetry of her stance (particularly with her hand on hip like that), thus making her left breast and left thigh the "center" of the image. Crop the image vertically so you get the full (or as full as you can) head to toe, with some extra space above the head for background setting (letting you know she's in a bigger space) and you'll have a fantastic image. :D

  • some BOLD lookin gals alright!

  • Alexis Evans and Denise Carver resting on the beach with boyfriends…

  • :)

  • Damn those girls have enough T&A for 4 women!

  • Part of a new one :)

  • Thx :)

    Here we go !

  • Nice. Please keep it up.

  • Great to see you back!

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