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  • @'destiny77':

    ewwww i wish i could unsee that, its horrible!

    Just go spend some time in /b/ chan or one of he associated subforums. It gets much, much worse. :)

  • ewwww i wish i could unsee that, its horrible!

  • I don't know why, but that bizarre thing reminds me this jajaja

  • …Yeah they have gone too far. That's the thing about this fetish, while I'm not sure exactly where the limit is drawn with myself, I know there is just a point where it's too much, too creepy and it ceases to come across as attractive anymore. Tried to get into it and what I can say personally is it just doesn't translate well into real life. Less is definitely more here imo. And the fetishists creep me the fuck out sometimes.

    As for that picture...reminds me of some odd toys I've seen at adult "book" stores.

    Don't get me wrong, there is something to it but... this ain't it.

    I don't mind the blood and gore. But it requires an altogether different mindset. Not erotic. I have a mortician friend who I occasionally ride along with and perhaps do a bit of the driving when delivering bodies to Sacramento. I may joke about necrophilia but in reality I'm just as likely as anyone else to puke if I uncovered a marsh full of disgusting and badly decomposed dead bodies and parts like a mass grave such as that scene in Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3.

  • that is just sick. they put the vagina upside down!

  • When someone said they wanted a job as a Footman, I don't think this was the intended interpretation … o.O;

  • Oh Darkseal, what won't he make?

  • As a leg man I despise feet fetishist in general but this is good. Maybe now they can just get that and leave actual woman alone.

    Bloody feet fetishist…

  • Ahaha. I'm so vanilla it hurts.

  • Yikes! I thought my appreciation of futa placed me at the far end of the spectrum, but that's some Jeffrey Dahmer shit right there

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