Comprehensive Guide To Recognize Warning Signs Of Essays For Better Grades

  • Writing essays is an inseparable part of the education system that students are registered with. The overwhelming task of the writing essays often leads students to develop a rushed paper and lower the grades. The online essay writers know that students are always under pressure to complete their assignments on time. That is the reason why students end up creating faulty papers and poor grades.
    However, with the reliable online essay writers by your side, red-flagging the drawbacks are not tricky. Check the list below, developed by qualified writers, and stay away from the essay warning signs-
    Warning Sign 1: Not Following The essay writing Guidelines
    The first error that students make while writing their academic essays is not following what the question sheet has to say. College and universities have different essay types and various specifications. Violating those not only affect the final grades but also shows how careless students are when it comes to writing assignments.
    So, before you start, read the guidelines thoroughly. You can use the same tactics with every other type of assignments as well.
    Warning Sign 2: Spelling And Punctuation Errors
    Being a student, you should know that spelling and punctuation errors are strictly a no-no in essay assignments. Do not submit an assignment which has been made in a rush. Start early so that you can finish writing the essay help early. You will then have time for editing and proofreading the assignment.
    Using online essay editor tools and apps like paraphrasing tool, Hemingway App,, and is always a great idea to check the essays after writing it. Eliminate all spelling and punctuation errors faster with this tip.
    Warning Sign 3: Multiple Paragraphs With Identical Theme
    Repeating the same or similar theme multiple times in a 500-words academic essay only affect the grades. So stop doing it because you are running out of ideas. To beat that, research well before you start working on an essay assignment. This step will help you gather more than necessary information so that you don’t end up rephrasing paragraphs and make the assignment sloppy.
    This is not an all-inclusive list of errors that students make while working on essay papers. However, with little more time investment, students can eliminate the mistakes that were the reason for their poor grades.
    Good luck.

  • your setting the low priority in octane for the GPU right?

    if you have on-board graphics you can switch to that for your GUI. that's what i do. Octane can crunch away while my 2500K provides me with video.

  • Setting the priority to low must work. Even setting it to medium should be enough to browse the web. You did tick on Use Priority on the card and then click apply after setting the priority, right?

  • Ok, maybe some QOL enhancement, right now, when I am rendering the computer is absolutely unusable, I realize I might not be able to work in poser, but I would like to at least browse web or watch a movie? I tried setting the priority to low but it didn't help, is there some other way to help?

  • crap. sorry i can't be more help. i've had no luck with male gens on V4/V6.
    would have replied sooner but email notification is broken for me.

  • I am using unimesh for the models for the subdivision, the cock had something different, I tried the unimesh but the lines are still there :(

  • can't quote you for some reason. :s

    the black line around the genitals. what skinning method are you using for the figure/genitals?
    traditional skinning will give you weird results like that in poser. you'll want to use 'poser unimesh' (under figure/skinning method/) for poser renders. if that's not it i can't help you. haven't had luck with male gens on V4, V6 yet.

  • Oh, it's an animation, yes, that's different.

    You may be interested in nothingmore's tutorial about liquids in case you have zBrush.

    Anyway, best of luck.

  • This is a picture 7 out of 50, and I intend to keep the cum through all of them, so postwork would be a lot of work :)

    • a bunch of animations

  • Well…the cum is it did work...hehe...sorry...

    I think Octane may handle alpha alone so try just removing the black and having the cum as a png file.

    Still, this is a lot of work for something you can just do in postwork.

  • Well that turned out to be horrific O.O

    click at your own discression

    I am gonna see if I can tweak the texture in photoshop…

  • If I remember correctly you place the black one under Opacity node, not under Diffuse.
    Then play around with gamma values.

  • Ok I tried, but I can't for the love of me figure out how to do the following:

    I have a texture of her face and I have black texture with just the cum on it. I want to combine them in such a way that black is used as alpha (100% is fully transparent, 50% black is 50% transparent). Am I missing something?

  • Basically, yes but don't go overboard. Third material mix is already too far, at that point you're doing nothing more than bloat.

    And while the Diffuse, Specular/Roughness and Bump are the big ones that will have the biggest hit on your mats, don't ignore the rest. They're what's needed to get martial from nice to daaaaamn (professional term).

  • Aah, I can infinitely use mix material to achieve the nesting of materials? I get it now.

  • Well what you have to understand is that Poser is no longer relevant when it comes to materials and lighting.

    Everything that you can do in the Poser Mat Room you can much easily do in the Octane mat window, it just takes some time to figure out what the purpose of it all is. I do suggest you read the manual at some point.

    That said, here is a good place to start:

    Not saying you should use that shader, I'm saying this is a good way to figure out what different nodes do in Octane.

    If you really like the node setup of Poser you may actually consider exporting the whole scene to Octane Standalone as it has a similar, if nicer and more modern, look.

  • Thanks, the reload sort of worked, however it only loaded the base diffuse and bump texture but it seems to ignore everything I did to it in the Poser material room.

    Is there some equivalent of the Poser material room with nodes and stuff? combining two textures is a bit weak :D

  • You can simply mix them. I don't even use Poser to load up mats anymore, I just load them straight into Octane.

    You can either turn the Glossy node into a Material Mix node and load up the clean texture to one and the cumshot version to another OR you can turn the Diffuse node into either Mix or Multiply and do the same.

    Also, don't forget to right click the figure in Octane and hit Reconvert Materials for this Figure/Prop from Poser every time you change something in Poser as Octane doesn't update in real time. It can, but you don't want that.

  • Damn, bummer. I managed to reposition the cock so that it's not so noticeable, but I think it will come up again in the future :/

    Anyway I got to the cumshot scene, and noticed another issue :(

    I have a cumshot texture set up, which is a composition of several layers in Poser. However the cum does not show up in Octane…

    Is there some better way to convert Poser materials, or the equivalent of Material room in Octane?

  • Oh, wait, is the body or the gen using displacement maps? If yes, then this is a problem I would like a solution to as well, I'm afraid.

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