• Strictly, "The final straw breaks the camel's back." Just recently ViriMax came up in a conversation and cliques asked, "What's a ViriMax?" The only factor you may need to have be successful is ViriMax. First of all, I speak with a somewhat of a stutter. I, literally, don't get ViriMax. That is vital help for you this evening. It is something that you learn over time.

    Well, you want to pull your weight.

    My ViriMax was built like a truck. As an author I enjoy feedback and also the best way to do that is try that and see what works. That is a replay of what happened to ViriMax a few months ago. I'm going to do the same for ViriMax so despite everything, "All's fair in love and war." I got a good impression.

    Have a look on this page>>[](link url)

  • I think the iRay timer also relies on the Quality and other settings, as I've had unfinished renders take the default 7200 seconds, and have completed other renders in under 3 minutes, just by changing a few settings.

    I'm sure Reality's batch render function is being held back to let the other one have some room in the market. They do try not to get in each other's way, from what I've seen of 3rd party devs, but solid integration will always be better than hobbyist bugware. A quality plugin is far more important to me than whether some hobbyist makes a buck.

  • Looking at it now, the one thing I would've added to it is a timer. For instance in Iray, I can get a pretty good and clean image in around 20-25mins. When the batch render is on, it will render each image to completion, which can take DAZ anywhere from 40-60mins depending on the complexity of the scene. I will write the author about adding that in.

    edit DAZ3D does have a timer in the Iray render settings. Under Progressive Rendering in the completion tab. There you can set the seconds that you want the image to render under Max Time (secs)

  • I bought yesterday too :)

  • Thanks for the share mate.

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