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  • Hey bdude - ok so this is what i messed with real quick. I just unlocked the intensity on the light and bumped to 900% or so as illustrated in the screen cap.

    As well as what 3ddelight shit out. They look pretty similar to me. Is that what you are looking for?

    As for the switching, I think I voiced my opinion above. But in case you missed the demo I did with 2 x used 780 GTX:

    780's can be had for like 225-300 on Ebay depending. Hell, I am thinking of selling some as I prepare for forthcoming Pascal.

    I think Iray and the new figures are worth the transition. Also, in case you didn't know, the NewGens for V7 has tunnels in it, so you can do massive gapes, etc. ITS AMAZING. So amazing, that dude is doing a G2F version, which I am eagerly awating.

    EDIT: This guy has one Buy it now for 240 EBAYZ!

  • Appreciate the reply. Sadly, I think the answer is DAZ doesn't have a real-time preview for lights the way Poser does.

    Hm, a viewport driven by a game engine would completely rock!!! :-)

    Real time preview of shadows, displacement working in the viewport, better preview of lightning, textures and materials. That would speed up scene creating a lot. But I think it is not easy to do with all the shader based stuff going on in DAZ Studio.
    And I do not think that it would slow down performance a lot. You do not need 60 fps and there is no Ki in the background or whatever. Just a still image of a scene. I dare to say that every computer or notebok, sold in the last 5 years is able manage this. Of course it depends on the engine and how it is optimized for DAZ Studio.

    All in all, the general idea is great!

    Basically everything that Poser has. :D

    I have noticed that the Viewport does not display lights & lighting setups correctly. Rather than rendering umpteen times until I see the effects I want, is there any better way to preview lights & shadows without rendering? Thanks for your time.


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    KhoryKhory Posts: 2,696

    February 5

    If you open the aux viewport window and view it through your main camera it will auto update. This can slow things down at times so swap it to perspective when you don't want it constantly updating.

    I tried the suggestion above and it's basically asking me to do a render to actually see the lights, unless I'm doing it wrong (but I doubt it, judging by those posts I quoted). it's more like Poser's raytrace preview. A bit faster than an actual render, but still, nowhere near real time. That's fucked up. I guess the quote above answers how people used to do it before Iray. But I know I certainly couldn't work like that. I was expecting something like Poser's low quality preview in the main window which is instantaneous and displays shadows and basic textures and works on almost everything except indirect lighting even on my Sony laptop with a 1 GB Radeon. I guess unless I shell out the money for an Nvidia card to use the Iray preview, that will bring my conversion to DAZ to a screeching halt. Although to be honest the only reason I'd do it would be for the figures: the Dragon, Genesis 2 female, the troll.

    As for the forum, I don't know, it's awfully quiet lately. Does it still require you to register to view thread content? Most people are too lazy to register to yet another forum.

  • Hey brotherman! Since none of the 3Ddelight guys jumped in, I will try to help with my limited knowledge of how that stuff works. (Iray path, I just use the head lamp and interactive Iray window).

    You can use CTRL-L to turn the headlamp (camera light) off and on. But from what I gather, the default created lights have to be turned up quite a bit to properly light up an area.

    • G

  • Since I started this thread to get help with DAZ, I figure I'll ask here as well: Doesn't DAZ have real time preview for regular lights like spots, for instance, to see the effects of rotating your lights (like Poser does)? I created this quick render with DAZ 4.8 and a simple spot.

    And this is what I got. Meanwhile the preview window is fully lit, no shadows, nothing.

  • @'gazukull':

    EDIT AGAIN: Found the tutorial for texture conversion tool within studio.

    ah, nice, and a lot more daz info on this guy's chanel. thanks !

  • Let me wax poetic for a moment on G3F. The forums (rendo/rotica/runtimedna) are full of butt hurt and broken poes's about how she cannot use G2F textures ( she can use the clothes all the way back to V4 ).

    It's like everyone thinks that if you buy G3F, G2F magically disappears out of your runtime. She is great figure, not alot of support atm, but that will change.

    If I were going to go any where from V4 it would be to Genesis 2. Bends like a champ - saves all the time that I would have spent in Zbrush. I use my 10 years of V3/V4 content AND all my characters look the same, except for the ones that I moved to a new shape, that I could not on V4.

    EDIT: This is based on the assumption of jumping from Poser to Studio. I used G2F in PP2014 for about six months before I said "Why?" The conversion of clothing is drag and drop in Studio (except skirts dont work so well) Vs having the clothing room in PP2014 crash on me every other item. Let alone Iray… I just wish that had come out before I had gotten my third Octane license. /sigh

    EDIT AGAIN: Found the tutorial for texture conversion tool within studio.

  • That's stuff is a script to apply a V4 mat to G2F without all the clicking. I will admit - it is handy to have, as there are a shit ton of material zones. So honestly, 17 bux is probably worth it, for the time it takes to do it manually, I could have worked enough to buy the product and save the hassle. If you have just 1 character… well doing each zone might be worth it.

    You do need: for G2F (it is the UV set and allows you to autofit V4 clothes to G2F) I want to say you don't need anything for Genesis 1 for either application. I just kinda don't think Genesis 1 has any REAL benefits over V4… G2F, fuck I cannot go back!

    Also - Dazstudio has a built in texture conversion tool which also works pretty well. But with the UV sets available, I am not sure why go through the process?

    Since I recently moved from V4 to G2F here is an example of Ariella G2F vs V4:



    I wish I would render up a side by side, but I am at a coffee shop on my shit laptop.

    So that is using V4 textures and the transferred shape using G2X plugin.

    At the renderotica store, the New Gens for V6 has a texture creator script available that makes a poes texture based off your currently used texture. It is pretty neat… I am assuming we are making porn.

  • @'gazukull':

    Wait - why do you need a skin converter? All of Genesis 1/2 line can use v4 skins?

    Well I saw these and I assumed it couldn't, especially since DAZ is not above planned obsolescence. Otherwise what would be the point in making them?

  • You know, if I were just doing stills, I would just switch if you are really interested in using any of the Genesis line. I mean, Studio is a free DL and you are already paying for the content just to use in Poser. After using Poser since 2001, I will admit using a new interface was slightly daunting, but after a month, I kinda forgot how to do certain things in Poser…

    Wait - why do you need a skin converter? All of Genesis 1/2 line can use v4 skins?

  • Thank you. Will have to find the time to do this and see how it works. Genx2 looks useful. Combined with a skin converter it would be the bomb. But I still wish Poser had actual support for Genesis.

  • @'Veneri':


    GenX2 plugin - works like a champ. A bit pricey, then again, IMHO totally worth it considering what you can do. LIKE take all of Dariofish's fantasy shapes and shit them to G2F.


    Why would you want to shit on them?
    Just kidding mate.

    It makes me hot?!?!!

  • or if you want to go the DIY way, you can follow these tutorials:

    results vary & genx remains the easiest & most acurate tool, but experimenting & knowing is good too.

  • @'gazukull':

    GenX2 plugin - works like a champ. A bit pricey, then again, IMHO totally worth it considering what you can do. LIKE take all of Dariofish's fantasy shapes and shit them to G2F.


    Why would you want to shit on them?
    Just kidding mate.

  • GenX2 plugin - works like a champ. A bit pricey, then again, IMHO totally worth it considering what you can do. LIKE take all of Dariofish's fantasy shapes and shit them to G2F.


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