Can You Please Offer Me an Online Economics Assignment Help?

  • Can you please offer me online economics assignment help? I came across your website a few days ago and read that your services are very well. I also want online statistics assignment help if you can only help me cover my deadlines. I need a potential online tutor to hire immediately if that’s okay because I cannot delay any further. Let me know what your charges are and what is the mode of payment. I will make my decision accordingly.

  • I haven't subbed to a lot of sites. I mean I did play Warcraft for about 5 years so that was a steady 15.00 a month. Plus expansions. However after Cata I left with a bad taste in my mouth and have only come back to WoW every now and then. I gave Warlords 2 months before I left again.
    As for adult sites. There have only been 2 women I actively paid monthly for.
    The first was porn star Crissy Moran. Drop dead gorgeous model that was active in the mid '00s. She however found God and quit the business. So I guess I can be happy for her that she's found fulfillment in her life.
    The second was a cam-girl I like, Aleah Jasmine. Although she doesn't do enough exclusive content to warrant having a full time site. I still catch her on MFC and buy an occasional vid from her. I did a painting of her pussy that she really liked and put up on her twitter and site which I thought was cool.

  • A site has to be worth the price of admission before the price can be charged, in my opinion. Everyone has a dream about starting a subscription-based Geocities website and getting rich just sitting around the house, not tending to their site, and not guaranteeing quality. "Give me money and shut the fuck up" is basically what I've seen.

    I've also seen sites that collate freely-available material and charge admission to view it. Erotica posted to forums that allow it or hot-linked to the author's domain/personal site.

    I have my Netflix and Crunchyroll accounts, but it looks like Netflix is about to get dropped for the dwindling content. It's quickly becoming too much like the Big 4 cable movie networks (HBO, Showtime, Skinemax, and Stars) where they have one thing a month worth watching and a massive library of the same old shit I saw when I was 5.
    I've gotten my $6 a month out of Crunchyroll, to be sure, but Netflix keeps going up while their selection keeps going down. I've gone a month more than once without watching anything on Netflix because their selection was so poor.

    I have no issue with sites like Patreon. People are free to beg for support if they're either too lazy, too stupid, or too egotistical to get a real job and support themselves. However, I'm also free to not give a shit if they "need" money to fund their "art". I need money for musical equipment for my "art". I went out and got a fucking job to get the money. If I happen across an artist whom I consider talented enough that I feel they should do it 24/7 and skip the real job, I'll consider patronizing them. If not, then they can go and get a real job to fund their hobby.
    Patreon simply offers a convenient way to locate someone worthy of support in a more efficient manner than just stumbling across them.

  • I am on…awesome site, but updates are's like, 30 dollars a month, but totally worth it

  • Depends on site. Many now are using paypal and manual renewing subscriptions. I am on First payed with credit card but this is bullshit because ccbill is taking some % of the sum. Resigned and changed to PP. Solo model sites are better in my opinion more money is coming to model than to shitty company like brazzers..

  • Nah man, you just do the 1 day trial and quit. Then they will start to send you offers for lower rates…

  • 4 bucks? Isn't it 40?

    But yes, I'm fine with stuff like Brazzers but honestly I don't trust any 2D/3D sites as they heavily depend on a single person and if that person gets bored the site is dead.

    In fact I have trouble coming up with a single 2D/3D paysite that has lasted for more than a year…there must be HentaiKey still a thing?

    As for Patreon, sounds great. A very fast and easy way for people to support content makers. Something that's very difficult for us as we count as "high risk merchants" which, unfortunately, makes me question the future of adult works on it.

  • I think I am on legalporno / brazzers and bianca beuchamps websites… The brazzers is hard to beat for 4 bux a month, legalporno, cuz those girls should get paid for the size of the object inserted in their butts.

  • I don't mind Paysites. Supporting an artist you enjoy is a choice completely up to you. No reason they shouldn't get paid for producing content.

    I also subscribe to Crunchyroll. I like the community, for the most part, and I like having clear and crisp video that I can watch on any device I own. The free sites sometimes use video methods that are not compatible with my phone.

    Nope, got no problem with paysites. Scam sites will always nab the un-informed.

  • I don't use pay sites. Basically a rip-off unless you're completely and utterly infatuated something and it's actually worth that subscription fee to you.

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