Executive PGDM in Hyderabad

  • The PGDM- Executive program at the Institute of Management Technology Hyderabad (IMT-H) has been designed for working executives to enhance their careers. This program has been tailor-made for working professionals desirous of acquiring knowledge and skills for their growth and development. The Executive PGDM in Hyderabad serves a vital need of the economy – transforming professionals with technical/functional skills into managers and entrepreneurs. Participants in the program possess at least two years of experience in a business firm or not-for-profit organization. The program builds on this foundation of business understanding by adding knowledge and skills essential to manage the business rather than just carry out instructions. A rigorous curriculum interspersed with cutting edge pedagogy facilitates the development of a broader perspective and an enhanced confidence level in participants. This formalizes their knowledge of overcoming real-world business challenges through a deeper understanding of general and specialization subjects which help them fine-tune their leadership acumen along with technical and behavioral skills.
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