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  • Beautiful renders, started to follow you on tumblr as well.

  • Woohooo !
    Nice work HitmanX3Z !
    It must be tentacle season… (I worked also on tentacles lately... but not with the same props :D)
    Can't wait to see the episode with this new elf ! :P

  • @'HitmanX3Z':


    Heh. Would like to see you do more with these tentacle props here… :D



    Could write a little story out of that…:angel:

  • @ mkhammr

    Man Genesis 1 bends like a bag of dicks. I would make that jump sooner than later. Altho G2F is probably a bit more flexible in terms of what is available atm…

  • Looks so good! I told myself I'd stick with Genesis 1 until I actually build a respectable body of work. Then maybe take a vacation from the day job and migrate to DAZs latest and greatest…

  • @'hibbli':

    looks nice :D whats the name of that tentacle props?

    thank you :D

    This is one based on Poisen's tentacles from rosity store, my version of his tentacles have 2x lower subdivision and i removed the suckers, so this is very low poly and low weight model, still need to do something with it's rigging… :)


    Heh. Would like to see you do more with these tentacle props here… :D


  • Heh. Would like to see you do more with these tentacle props here… :D

  • looks nice :D whats the name of that tentacle props?

  • Thanks :)

    Kinda have finished my G3F character :)

  • Love it!

  • As usual, your big tit elf game is on point! Bravo!

  • thumbsup mate

  • i have already ported a bunch of G2F and V4(and ofc. Morphia) morphs with Transfer Utility to, no problems, except Expressions, probably i know how to fix it with special G2F clone…

    Transferring characters to G3F seems not so hard... only one problem, at the moment you can't transfer V4 textures in easy way...

    And also probably the best way to conform High Heels from old generations to G3F is to make G3F Clone, or your character clone with feet position ready for them, then open your footwear an 3d editor and model them in that way so they can fit without problems to your character, then take back that model back to DAZ, i mean without rigging, without anything, you also can do that modeling thing only for one heel, just in next step you can mirror it, and this is great, since many footwear for G2F have separate textures for left and right shoe, kinda have no sense and spend more RAM or VRAM for nothing, so mirroring is a real thing here, cuz after all you will need only one texture, and finally, you can autofit it using your clone as base shape and have fun with perfect high heels on your G3F! In the same way you can do anything with other clothing or props, even change models, reconstruct subdivisions, or model your own cute things! :D



  • i still have no idea how to transfer my gen2 models to gen3. its not really needed at the moment but would be nice ofc :) new kind of texture maps and the morph converting also isnt that easy

  • Lookin' gooooood. :)

  • Genesis 3 is a great figure. Victoria 7 herself is a super hot model to use in any set.

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