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  • Here in Bosnia & Herzegovina we have a universal health care, but you still have to bribe the doctor if you want to get healthy. For example, when I caught Salmonellosis, i had to pay the docs to treat me. Thank God I had a cousin who's a doc and he treated me. And that's not all. Here you have to bring your own sheets, food, medicine if you have be in hosiptal bed. Corruption at it's finest

  • I totally agree with Valeron034 here. The U.S. medical system has been super corrupt and fascist for generations… meaning any new government regulation on medical healthcare benefits only the big companies, instead of the individual. "Ism's" just are no good. Socialism, fascism, capitalism, communism; all are suspect.

    There 'is' an alternative to government involvement. It is called CHARITY! I had my leg torn open years ago in a shop accident, and went to a local Catholic hospital. The care was top notch, and since I was poor as dirt, they forgave my debt outright! They were still a VERY profitable hospital... yet several years later a corporate hospital bought them out for a massive amount. My mother then went to that same hospital lately, but now government fascist healthcare was involved, and everything was super slow.

    Endless regulations, new 'experimental' drugs, and pointless procedures bog everything down... which is why so many cheaper private clinics are springing up in Mexico, run by American doctors -- where their treatments won't be limited by corporate rules enforced by the U.S. government. Such things as cancer are actually treated and cured there.

    No matter what side of the issue you are on, the U.S. health care system is a joke, and only works 'at all' because the U.S. still has so much resources generally available to the populace (extensive middle class).

  • In Austria we have a universal health care system and I won't miss that. Everybody how's working sold a monthly due and he or she and their children are insured.

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    well you guys in the US seem to worry about health care a lot, in countries with Universal Health care (don't know how Obamacare works) you just don't worry about health care all that much, if you're sick you go to the doc and get treated, if you have an accident you go to the hospital and get treated, it's all seamless… that's how it should be

    yes at the end of the day everybody pays a medicare levy above a certain threshold, but it's a few small percent for peace of mind and everybody is covered, regardless of how poor you are and who your employer is, even the unemployed

    that's the point, in a perfect world capitalism will compete on best health offerings, but as you've noticed in reality companies' profits will trump health, because they actually benefit from the sick

  • I think health care is best left to the individual. Nobody knows you better than yourself. The healthcare system in the US may have been broken before but now after Obamacare aka the "Affordable" Care Act things have become worse than ever. The healthcare insurance companies dropped people left and right because these new regulations. The people who had healthcare plans that they were happy with sudden find themselves having to look for new plans. The plans that cover what they use to have often cost 50% or more of what they had and shortly the healthcare premium are expected to go up again, in most cases $500-$700 increases not totals will be seen.
    Obama care is also cutting into employment. Many places are now only hiring part time workers since they are now required to provide full healthcare insurance to anyone working full time. I have even seen part time workers get reduced work hours to keep them from having to pay certain benefits. This is happening more often than not because the workplace can't afford to pay their worker the benefits rather than just being greedy and not wanting to. The Affordable Care Act is anything but affordable and is responsible for putting a fair number of people out of work.
    I've read comments in some alternative news that I think puts in perspective, for me at least,

    "A fine is a tax for doing bad"
    "A tax is a fine for doing well"
    "Obamacare is a tax for existing"

    Things might be better if our government actually did what they were suppose to do instead of listening to and accepting money from special interest groups and the like. It also doesn't help that the healthcare industry, in the US at least, is geared toward making money instead of the care of the person. It is is hell bent on keeping us sick to make profits. It even goes so far as trying to extinguish the hopes that people have in finding alternatives that work such as putting Dr. Burzynski's work with antineoplastons that treat and very often cure people of cancer without any of the side effects of chemo or radiation.

    Sorry for the rant but Obamacare is just one of the many cogs in the machine that is destroying our once great country. Our Founding Fathers would weep to see how far we have fallen.

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    I think some things like health care the government should take care of. If you leave it to capitalism, then a lot of the time money to easily comes before health, which can become a problem.

  • in France we have Securité Sociale since 1945.

    Taking care of each other can be traced back to prehistoric times where remains have been found with evidence of debilitating injuries that didnt caused death, which means the collective did provide for the disabled.

    Everyone should have access the best medical treatment - knowledge, equipement, facilities… The collective provides.

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