How to Get Free Netflix Without a Credit Card

  • We hope everyone knows about Netflix now because of its popularity. This is the premium video streaming service widely used in this generation. Every second person has a subscription to Netflix which helps the users by providing the best and most entertaining way to kill time. Everything is so good, except it's not free. "How do you get Netflix for free without a credit card?" is the concern of the users. We are here to provide you with the solution to this problem. Not everyone can pay money to watch their TV shows and movies on Netflix. Well, Netflix offers the free trial but they require the person to enter their credit card credentials for this. Let's tell you there are also other methods for watching your favorite shows on Netflix without the credit card. Let's see how to get the Netflix trial without the credit card, which is considered the most legit way to get a subscription and watch the favorite shows. You just need to ask a few of your friends to pay for the subscription, and the other three friends, including you, can pay him for the respective share. This way you get the subscription for 75% lower costs.

    Netflix Telefoonnummer

  • I hate the censorship :@ minimal, moderate and excessive :@ sorry

    but if I have to decide the person who will decide for me what I can see and what I can't see, I guess will select mini mosaic :dodgy: and then I would continue angry about the censorship n_n)

  • Lightsabers…you mean rotoscoping?

    I prefer either that it is done with
    a) creative taste. That is strategic angles, or objects in the scene blocking the view. Or at least something that doesn't stick out like a rotoscoped mosaic or censor blip
    b) as little coverage (thin line for example) as possible a.k.a. "pointless censoring" as you see the tags on rule34 or sankaku complex, etc.

  • I'd say the "Band-Aid" censoring if there has to be any. The "light bar" stuff is even more insulting than the pixilation, because it often blocks out the entire frame and you don't even get an idea of what's going on.

    Queen's Blade Rebellion was bad about that, as was R-15.

    They've even used it to cover up gory death scenes in non-sexual anime, where someone's head explodes (by whatever particular method) and all you see is the 4 corners of the image.

    I mean, why even bother at that point? I'm sure some studios/production houses who finance the conversions from manga to anime don't read or understand the level of detail of a given story, they just throw money at something that has high sales numbers. When it comes time for their Name Protector to review the work, they point out this and that as being too extreme to have their name on it.

    What gets me is that people know who these backers are, and STILL go to them.
    Is there no artistic integrity?
    Or is it possible to tell the story without these elements that will get washed out, and thus spare the viewer the insult of it? If you knew these scenes were getting whitewashed, simply leave them out. The fans of the manga (where these scenes were not censored so heavily) aren't going to be happy, but they're not going to be happy anyway because of the choice of voice actors, the animation house used, the director they hate, etc etc. And the universal complaint you always hear: the book was better.

  • the minimalistic one you'd barely notice.
    its even funny to see it underline - make more evident - what is supposed to be censored.

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