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  • The best donation one can make is to purchase products.

  • Most of the artists do have their own Patreon accounts, which we don't complain about them promoting here, in their products or on their site. But for the most part, Affect3D does not take donations as the site runs off the store sales and any advertisement money made.

    As for links, you can report them to [email protected] or [email protected] if you like.

  • Several people suggested this avenue a while back, but the notion was ultimately turned down. Apparently they decided they want this site to feel like a full-scale legit store, and not some small-time blog for a couple struggling artists (which it most certainly is not). Thankfully it appears as though donations are in no way necessary to keep things trucking.

    I know people were reporting pirate links on the G4E release page when Girlfriends 4 Ever first came out, and administrators were actively going out and making those sites take down the content. I don't think any such attempts are being made now

    But when the G4E DLCs come out on July 4th, 2116, I am sure there will be yet another great torrent hunt… the more the merrier!

    In the meantime, if you want any inquiries/suggestions answered by G4E creator 'Miro', just post it up on the comments section of his DLC page, and he's sure to get back with you:


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