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  • Here is something else interesting.


    Instead of full 3d with 2d inspired textures, its more of 2d projected on 3d.

  • I kinda like the oil-painted look of it, but smooth-motion is getting much easier these days with realtime animation systems that follow an actor.

    There's a Japanese Idol thing on Netflix right now - Miku Expo or something - where the Idol is a 3D model (granted it's low poly) that is being controlled by a motion actor backstage in real-time.

    I can imagine that someone with the financial means to obtain such a system and hire competent actors as well as 3D character designers could be at the forefront of 3DX and bring it into a mainstream porn setting.
    Just make sure you save enough money to hire the best legal team in the world, because the self-righteous will be on you like stink on shit.

  • As good as it is , it's sooo creepy '_'

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