Globalization of World Politics: European Imperialism

  • European Imperialism
    The nineteenth century is characterized by colonial expansion of European countries along with the United States and Japan. This historical period is called the New Imperialism. Each country wanted to gain its economic power on account of conquered colonies all over the world. According to Baylis, Smith, and Owens, the leading European states defeated Napoleon at the beginning of the nineteenth century and created a sort of a club for the most powerful states, which called “Concert of Europe”. It was an economical and political system that existed until the beginning of the First World War. It maintained “the European balance of power” and reached “collective decisions on various potentially divisive issues”. At the same time, this club legitimized European occupation of Africa and Asia. Therefore, European international society was merely a means of legitimizing imperialism what is usually stated in essay services review.
    Various European countries had different opportunities to conduct their policy of colonization all over the world. For instance, Great Britain was the most powerful European state because industrial capitalism was displaced by the finance one at that time. Thus, Great Britain exported various investments and shipping services. The United Kingdom created corporations all over the world. It had the largest overseas markets in the world. Other European countries wanted to have colonies, as well. Therefore, there were armed confrontations with France, the Netherlands, and other European countries for West, East and South African colonies. “Since the mid-nineteenth century, imperialist expansion has brought Western nationalism to a position of great influence in Asia”. At that time, some countries of Latin America, such as Brazil and Mexico gained independence from Spain and Portugal, but their relations with European countries were not equal. Furthermore, European metropolis created special laws to excuse their expansions all over the world. It became an international law afterwards to govern “relations between states”, “interactions between European sovereigns” and their former colonies “to justify formal or informal colonialism”. The significance of this international law was very great. First of all, “nineteen-century international law achieved global geographical scope by including two separate regimes: one governing relations between Western sovereigns under formal equality and the other governing relations between Western and non-Western polities under inequality”, ensuring privileges to the Western country. Furthermore, the international law regulated interactions between European monopolies justifying colonization of African or Asian territories. Actually the law justified “military intervention in China, Turkey, or Latin America”.
    European international society was merely a means of legitimizing imperialism, creating the international law, justifying colonization of Asia and Africa. European scholars excused the colonization by stating that Europeans brought cultural, economic, and scientific progress to their colonies. Moreover, colonial peoples became more civilized according to European scholars. European civilization and Christian morality were adopted as standard virtues for non-Western and non-Christian colonies. Europeans educated ethnic people suppressing their identity, which were different from European. Of course, at that time, there was no such definition as human rights. Furthermore, racial and ethnic segregation was a standard for international relations. Colonial peoples were considered uncivilized ethnic groups living temporary in the certain territory. Apartheid and ethnocide were not crimes against humanity because European social thought had never occurred at that time. Meanwhile, the abovementioned European policy hastened making Marxist ideas International as a means for fighting against European imperialism. It caused revolutions in a few European countries, dividing the world into two parts in the twentieth century. European imperialism would have been a progressive policy if it had been free from racial and ethnic segregation.

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    Great pick. I also love the D.E.N.N.I.S. system of dating

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  • Great pick. I also love the D.E.N.N.I.S. system of dating

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