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  • @'ammon17':

    The question is, will Lyvia and Ayako get along so well? :D

    So long as Ayako "submits" to Lyvia, they'll get along like a house on fire …

  • @'Carl246':


    Interesting approach. However, it's a little unwieldy. It leaves the idea that Sayako is herself a doppelganger of someone else. Plus, I'm not so sure Tara wants a cock. Still, good effort. ;)

    I thought I'd made that clear that Sayako is a Nephilim, a child born from the union of an angel and a human female.


    If Lyvia is Tara's doppelganger, as made by Sayako, then it follows that Sayako herself must be Ayako's doppelganger. Ayako really needs to be added into the story to tie it off I think ;)

    all in all, an interesting concept, and there is always room for different creative explanations, but I still prefer the idea of Affect3D's resident twins being the result of a corporate lab's fertility/genetics trial drug gone wrong… or rather, right. ;) Years later, as adults, Sayako and Tara meet again, both altered by the drug into 'size queens'; Tara on the receiving end of the pole, but still very much dominant over Sayako in their budding relationship.

    The question is, will Lyvia and Ayako get along so well? :D

  • @'aguinness':

    Interesting approach. However, it's a little unwieldy. It leaves the idea that Sayako is herself a doppelganger of someone else. Plus, I'm not so sure Tara wants a cock. Still, good effort. ;)

    I thought I'd made that clear that Sayako is a Nephilim, a child born from the union of an angel and a human female.


  • Interesting approach. However, it's a little unwieldy. It leaves the idea that Sayako is herself a doppelganger of someone else. Plus, I'm not so sure Tara wants a cock. Still, good effort. ;)

  • sounds great, very intuitive.

  • Ok, I'm just going to paste it in, it's still readable even if the format sucks. lol

    Incidentally, this scene takes place shortly after they've finished DLC 1.

    Sayako’s and Evil Tara’s Origin Story

    Sayako opened her eyes to see the mess she’d made all over Tara’s face and body and then leaned down to kiss her.

    “You look a mess,” said Sayako.

    “I know, but I adore it,” replied Tara with a wry grin.

    Tara looked up as she began to wipe some of the sperm off with tissues and noticed that Sayako was still hard.

    “How can you possibly still be hard, you’ve cum three times today?” she said as she admired the fully erect cock.

    “I could say it’s because I’m a sexually charged stud but the fact is, I have a secret,” replied Sayako with a smile.

    “Oh, and what would that be?”

    “If I told you it wouldn’t be a secret, now would it.”

    Tara pouted and looked dejected.

    "Okay, the truth is I’ve wanted to tell this secret to someone for a long time now, but my mother made me promise that I would only tell it to someone I intended to share the rest of my life with. The question is, are you that someone and can you keep my secret?”

    Tara stared at her, wondering what kind of promise this was, but if she knew one thing it was that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with this woman.

    “I can promise you that any secret you share with me stays with me. I also know that I want to share my life with you,” replied Tara.

    Sayako sat up and reached over for Tara’s right hand. She held it tightly and then started to talk.

    “What I’m about to tell you is hard to believe and I doubt that you’ll be able to accept it straight away. Up until now you’ve assumed that I’m a hermaphrodite but that isn’t true, I’m much more than that.”

    Tara was hanging on Sayako’s every word, wondering where this tale was going to lead.

    “When my mother was young she met a guy who she fell in love with. She’s always fond of telling me how she knew that this guy was different from all the others she’d met. There was something wonderful about him, something she could never quite put her finger on until the day he decided to share his secret with her. He told her that he was an angel and knowing that she wouldn’t believe him, he set about proving it to her, leaving her in no doubt that he was telling the truth. He also confessed that he hadn’t intended to tell her but now that he could sense that she was pregnant he felt he owed her that much,” said Sayako as she took a deep breath.

    “You’re going to tell me you were that child, aren’t you?” said Tara excitedly.

    “I’m getting to that, but yes, I was that child. I must just add that when I eventually came along I was a very normal baby girl. I had no penis, as that would come later. The angel told my mother that he wouldn’t be able to stay, and he also informed her of something that would affect my life. He told her that on my eighteenth birthday I would receive a gift. At least, that’s how he put it. He told my mother that all Nephilim, which is what a child is called from a union between a human and an angel, have gifts bestowed upon them, but that no one will know how that gift will manifest itself until I come of age,” replied Sayako.

    “So, I’m assuming that this,” said Tara as she placed her hand around the still hard cock, “is what your gift was?”

    “No, at least my mother and I don’t think so. It’s all rather strange actually. I was told all of what I’m telling you now the night before my eighteenth birthday and to be honest I couldn’t believe any of it. I knew that my mother never lied but I had real trouble accepting this story. Anyway, the following day my mother asked me if I felt any different. I told her that I felt exactly the same as the day before and that she could now drop the act. I was convinced she was trying to play some kind of prank on me you see.”

    “So where did the cock come from?” said Tara impatiently.

    “That night in bed I had the most erotic dream of my life. I imagined that I had a cock and that it was huge. It was during that dream that I was awoken by a pain coming from above my pussy. I pulled the sheets back to witness my cock growing and called out for my mother. She came in to see what was going on and witnessed the last few inches of my cock growing. At first, she thought that my cock was my gift but then she learned about my dream and wondered if I’d subconsciously willed it into being. She wasn’t sure, but to this day I still haven’t seen any evidence of a gift other than my cock,” replied Sayako.

    “Have you ever thought that that might be what your gift is, being able to give a cock to whomever you please?” suggested Tara.

    Sayako laughed and shook her head.

    “No, it couldn’t be that,” said Sayako.

    “Okay, it’s not that but have you ever tried it. I mean, have you ever tried to grow a cock on anyone but yourself before?” relied Tara.

    “No, I’ve never thought of trying it.”

    “Well, now’s your chance because I’m willing to be your guinea pig,” said Tara as she lay down flat indicating that she was ready to give it a shot.

    “Would you really want a cock?” said Sayako.

    “Are you kidding me, I’d die for one of those things,” replied Tara indicating the still erect cock between Sayako’s legs.

    “Well, I don’t suppose it would hurt to try,” said Sayako as she crawled up to kneel between Tara’s legs.

    “Did it hurt much when it happened to you?” asked Tara.

    “It was a sharp pain but it stopped hurting as soon as the growth had finished,” replied Sayako.

    Sayako placed a hand onto Tara’s body, just above her crotch and then wished as hard as she could for a cock to grow. Nothing happened. Moments later, Sayako was just about to pull her hand away when Tara let out a groan of pain and suddenly Sayako could feel a lump pressing against the palm of her hand.

    “Oh my God, after all this time you were right, this is my gift,” said a stunned Sayako.

    Tara was watching it grow but gripping the couch she was lying on for dear life as the pain wasn’t something she could ignore. Sayako allowed the cock to grow and stroked it as it did so, never once letting go. She watched as it reached a good size and then witnessed the balls forming below it and just above the pussy. Then something unexpected started to happen. Tara’s hair started to change color and darken. By the time the cock had fully formed Tara’s hair was now jet black. Tara sat up once the pain had dissipated with a broad grin covering her face.

    “My God Sayako, I have a cock that’s almost as big as yours,” said Tara as she placed her hand around the circumference and stroked it.

    Sayako sat back to admire it and felt her own cock pulsating in anticipation of having a little fun. That anticipation was short lived, however, because Tara suddenly called out that she was in pain again. Sayako didn’t know what was wrong as this hadn’t happened to her. Then the most amazing thing began to happen. Tara was laying back, gripping her stomach from the pain she was feeling when her entire body started to blur and static electricity began to flash around her naked body. The lights above flickered and went out for a few seconds and Sayako stood up and stepped back to watch what was going on. Then the dark haired Tara sat up and Sayako could see the original Tara behind her as the copy stood up and turned to face Sayako. Sayako watched the copy solidify in front of her.

    “What happened?” said the dark haired Tara once the transformation was complete.

    “I think you’d better look behind you,” replied Sayako.

    The copy looked behind and saw the light haired Tara opening her eyes, before sitting up straight in shock.

    “What the fuck just happened?” she said.

    “I don’t think growing a cock on someone else is my gift after all. I think my gift is creating a doppelganger. I also think that the only reason the new Tara has a cock was because I willed it when I created her,” replied Sayako.

    The original Tara looked down to see that she no longer had a cock.

    “Oh shit, I was looking forward to using that,” said Tara disappointedly.

    “I know, I have all your memories,” replied the dark haired Tara.

    Tara looked up from the couch and caught sight of the cock on her other self.

    “It’s such a gorgeous cock as well,” she said as she placed her feet onto the floor and sat facing it.

    “I know what you’re thinking right now. You’re thinking how you’d like to suck this cock,” said the dark haired Tara as she stroked her cock to life.

    Tara didn’t disagree, because she really did enjoy sucking cock. The dark haired Tara moved closer to her double and then placed her hand onto the back of Tara’s head as she slipped the end of her cock into Tara’s mouth. She then pulled Tara onto her meat and the semi hard cock slipped into the back of Tara’s throat.

    “Mmm… oh yes, I adore your cock,” moaned Tara as she allowed the cock to slide into her throat.

    Sayako’s cock twitched with excitement as she watched them going at it and she started to stroke her cock to the action. The dark haired Tara was pulling Tara’s head onto her cock and Tara was taking it all. Then Sayako moved up close to the doppelganger and slipped her cock down between her legs to slide back and forth between her moist lips.

    “Oh yes Master, fuck me at the same time, I’d enjoy that,” said the dark haired Tara.

    Sayako placed the end of her cock into the center of the moist lips and then pushed up and forward to feel the sopping wet lips give way as her cock slid in deep.

    “Ahh, oh God yes,” moaned the dark haired Tara.

    Sayako moved slowly at first, wanting to cover her cock with the doppelgangers juices. She recognized the moment that she could pick up speed as her cock was moving all the way inside without any friction or tightness stopping it. From that point on Sayako began to fuck her hard and both Tara’s were moaning with pleasure.

    “Oh shit, I’m going to cum all ready,” said the doppelganger.

    Tara moaned and sucked harder and then suddenly her mouth was being flooded with semen and backing up, as it was spewing from the sides of her mouth.

    “That’s it, you love this moment don’t you, I bet you’re in the middle of an orgasm right now aren’t you?” said the doppelganger as she came for a second time.

    She then pulled her cock free and another load shot all over Tara’s face and down to her breasts. Just when Tara thought it was all over, Sayako screamed that she was coming as well and pulled her cock out to make it stick out in front of the doppelganger. Tara could see several inches of Sayako’s cock as it shot the first load of semen out and sprayed Tara’s body. Tara leaned forward to take the second load and Sayako’s cum filled Tara’s mouth as she surrounded it with her lips. By the time Sayako had finished coming Tara was covered in their seed and lay back to recover.

    Having a rest wasn’t to be though, because the next thing Tara knew she was being lifted up to stand in front of the doppelganger. The doppelganger then picked Tara up and literally placed her onto the still hard cock, before she started to lift and drop her back down again.

    “Oh God, that feels amazing,” moaned Tara as she clung to the doppelgangers neck.

    Tara then felt her self being turned and then the pressure of Sayako’s cock as it pressed against her rose bud opening. Sayako wasted no time. She thrust up hard and heard Tara scream as they both filled her up. Sayako took some of the weight as she gripped Tara’s butt on both sides and within seconds they had a nice rhythm going. As Sayako would go in the doppelganger would come out.

    “Oh God, I’m coming again,” moaned Tara.

    Tara looked down to see the bulge appearing and disappearing in her stomach each time the doppelganger thrust up. Her ass felt like it was on fire and another orgasm was quickly approaching. This went on for the next five minutes and then suddenly the doppelganger called out that she was going to cum and Sayako responded that she was too. Tara could feel their cocks pulsating as they started and suddenly semen was pouring out of both holes and running down Tara’s inner thighs as they both continued to pump their loads into her. Two minutes later they both pulled out and Tara fell to the floor feeling exhausted.

    “Are you okay?” said a concerned Sayako.

    “I will be, just give me a minute or three,” replied Tara as yet another orgasm struck her trembling body.

    Sayako looked up at the doppelganger.

    "Are you created to take orders from me?” she said.

    “Yes, you are my master and the only one who can tell me what to do,” replied the doppelganger.

    “Why have you come out differently from Tara? I mean, you have black hair for a start,” said Sayako.

    “That’s because you wished to change the copy somewhat when you willed the cock between my legs. I would guess that the same thing happened with my hair, because you didn’t specify what color it should be,” answered the doppelganger reasonably.

    “I see, so if I’d simply requested an exact copy you’d look just like Tara?”

    “I believe that would be the case.”

    Just then they both felt Tara kneeling up between them both and grabbing hold of their cocks. Sayako looked down to see the lust in Tara’s eyes.

    “You’re such a slut,” said Sayako as Tara began to stroke both their cocks.

    The End

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