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  • Well, I guess I forgot to mention a little variation on burgers called "Sloppy Joes". Definition: A sandwich using ground beef and a sauce of tomato and spices. This sauce takes on soooooo many variations. Usually I like to add in barbecue sauce. Sometimes grilled onions. It will definitely burn your stomach with acid, so do be sure and have some antiacid pills, some probiotic and acidophilus, and some water or something not acidic to drink if your digestive health is a bit touchy like mine.

    Another one is "Chili Size". A char broiled burger patty with your choice of cheese (aged gouda in my case due to lactose intolerance for younger cheese) in the middle of some of your favorite cooked chili in a bowl. Some bread or something on the side wouldn't hurt but your choice to eat without.

    While I don't definitively know the origins (somewhwere in europe as it's contested) it seems regular in this country that we have pancakes with sausage or eggs. Sometimes sausage wrapped in pancakes we call "pigs in blankets". Hash browns or others on the side. Or bacon.

    Texas Toast: double thick bread with butter, margarine, or in my case flax seed oil butter, on both sides and broiled on each until golden brown. Usually served with chicken fried steak, breakfast steak, fried catfish, or any number of things like chorizo, franks, or similar depending what flavor you're after. Buffalo meat works too! And Venison!

    Grilled Cheese: Similar to above, frying pan cooking regular thin bread with the outsides having butter or similar applied, in a sandwich around cheese in the middle that cooks and melts into the bread. Sometimes ham is put in as well.
    Even with lactaise pills it still causes heartburn for me. Since turning to aged cheese, slices of generic "american cheese" just doesn't taste good to me anymore and it makes my kidneys hurt when I use pills. Aged cheeses will cook and melt comparatively dry versus younger cheese.

    Still, fond memories.

  • In the pots warmed the bigos; mere words cannot tell
    Of its wondrous taste, colour and marvellous smell.
    One can hear the words buzz, and the rhymes ebb and flow,
    But its content no city digestion can know.
    To appreciate the Lithuanian folksong and folk food,
    You need health, live on land, and be back from the wood.

    Without these, still a dish of no mediocre worth
    Is bigos, made from legumes, best grown in the earth;
    Pickled cabbage comes foremost, and properly chopped,
    Which itself, is the saying, will in ones mouth hop;
    In the boiler enclosed, with its moist bosom shields
    Choicest morsels of meat raised on greenest of fields;
    Then it simmers, till fire has extracted each drop
    Of live juice, and the liquid boils over the top,
    And the heady aroma wafts gently afar.

    — Adam Mickiewicz, Pan Tadeusz, Book 4: Diplomacy and Hunt
    Translated by Marcel Weyland

    For the non-Polish among you:

    Take a big pot.
    Add equal parts sauerkraut and assorted meats.
    Add spices - whole peppercorns, caraway seeds, juniper berries, and/or bay leaves.
    Simmer on low heat all day.
    Remove from heat and let cool.
    Refrigerate overnight.
    The next day, simmer on low heat all day.
    Remove from heat and let cool.
    Refrigerate overnight.
    The next day, simmer on low heat all day.
    Eat with rye bread.

    You must use at least two different kinds of meat! Pork, ham, bacon, sausage, veal, rabbit, venison…. No bird meat, though.
    You may use some fresh white cabbage in place of some of the sauerkraut.
    Mushrooms are optional.
    To keep it from drying out, add red wine or a dark beer as needed.

  • I think that 50% of Argentine will say "Asado"

    and the other 50% will say "Empanadas"

    honestly I choose both in the same dinner :heart:

  • We Americans tend to "Americanize" everything we touch in terms of food. This is where the term melting pot tends to have it most prominence–as to whether it's good or bad kind of depends on what "it" we're talking about.

    For our "traditional" food...I would call the majority of it more informal but everyone I know across all economic classes and backgrounds generally has a grill of some sort. We love our barbecue grills with gas or charcoal, and we love our barbecue sauce. So "barbecue" meat of any kind. Burger patties, dogs 'n' franks, chicken, fish, steaks, fresh kills from hunting, even vegetables. And often we don't really even need sauces, sometimes we just grill things.
    Shish-kebabs. you put a long skewer through cut bits of your favorite vegetables and meats and turn them over the flames letting them sit on one side then the other.
    Char broiling. An art in a way, because on the one hand you are kind of burning it and have a little of that flavor, but it's moderate because you obviously don't want it burnt to a black crisp.

    Speaking of...Man, I could go for a char broiled burger with aged smoky cheddar and jalapeno with avocado slices and some kind of bacon right about now. And some tomato slices, too.

    Fried foods... while I'm not sure we came up with the concept (I'm pretty sure we didn't!), we fry all kinds of stuff. Onions, chicken, and manufacturing potato chips. In fact I think Japanese restaurants took some american inspiration when they came up with fried ice cream. I digress, you will find grilled onions solo, with fries, and in burgers.

    We love to 'smoke' our foods in smokers as well. Mostly I see fishermen and hunters doing this as a way of preserving foods as they preserve and age them. This is more a rural thing--you don't often find it in cities.

    The bacon phenomena: it's EVERYWHERE in this country. In fact as I had mentioned in another thread I believe, there is one restaurant somewhere in the middle of the country that goes through 9000lbs to 11,000lbs per week! Too many to mention.

    Bacon Lettuce and Tomato sandwich. All sort of variations. Try them out for yourself. I find thick slices of bacon with that 'just right' balance between crunchy and chewy to be best.

    Tacos may be from mexico, but normally they just have all meat because they are snacks. Here in america we like having lettuce, tomato, onions, guacamole, sour cream, cheese, basil, rice, beans.

    I just realized I haven't had dinner yet. Fuck I'm so hungry. I'm getting up and eating after this post.

    EDIT: Thanksgiving, there is a little something called "turducken" It's a de-boned chicken with stuffing inside, slathered with a different kind of stuffing (or bacon) outside then put inside a de-boned duck slathered on the outside with yet another kind of stuffing (or another kind of bacon if you prefer) stuffed inside a partially de-boned turkey...and then you have to sew up the turkey around all that. Bake (being careful to watch obviously) and make sure the innermost layer is 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Or you can also try for Mike Ditka's 6 or 8 legged turkey recipes. Yes, the Mike Ditka,once coach of the Chicago Bears, motivational talker and coach on manhood in general, author, and sports commentator.

    Either case, "good luck"!

  • Szukasz przydatnego źródła informacji dot. kredytów parabankowych? Ostatnimi czasy kredyt bez bik jest w Polsce bardzo powszechny, jednak na nieszczęście nie wszystkie oferty kredytów są korzystne - przede wszystkim po to założyliśmy tę witrynę internetową, aby nareszcie Polacy mogli dowiedzieć się, który kredyt bez zaświadczeń jest w porządku pod wszystkimi względami kredyt bez zaświadczeń. Dosyć często umieszczamy swoje poglądy odnośnie nowych ofert kredytowych, a więc wystarczy wchodzić na nasz wortal, aby orientować się jaki pożyczka bez zaświadczeń, kredyt gotówkowy jest korzystnie oprocentowany, całkowicie pozbawiony ukrytych opłat, etc. pożyczka pozabankowa pożyczka przez internet pożyczka gotówkowa pożyczka pozabankowa pożyczka bez zaświadczeń kredyt bez zaświadczeń

  • In America it's the Hamburger, which has nothing to do with Hamburg Germany, nor is there any ham in it, unless you want to add it. We've got every variety of 'burger you can think of, from turkey to veggie (tofu mostly). We'll put anything on a bun (or rather between two halves of a horizontally-sliced bun).

    We definitely took The Earl of Sandwich's idea and ran with it.

    Then there's fried chicken. Not sure if it started in America or even if other countries do it or do it better, but we do it. We'll also fry anything besides chicken, particularly in the Southern region. Fish, ice cream, tomatoes, potatoes, veggies, eggs, shrimp, oysters.

    And then there's old-fashioned cooked-over-a-fire, except we have a thousand varieties of grilling appliances to do so, from a small grill that can sit on a table to a massive one that you tow behind your truck that can hold at least one whole pig or 30 chickens.

    And what we do with pizza is unmatched in the world. Not all of it's good, though, but what the fuck, we do it anyway.

  • cheese !
    the ever popularized thru media, smelly french camamber, and for that matter, anyone of the other 350+ french cheese. Of course you might want a some bread (une baguette), and some nice red wine.
    i do abuse all 3 of those.

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