How do I resolve the Quicken error ol-294-a?

  • You can face an error code ol-294-a while running Quicken software if you have activated the Quicken bill payment service but not signed up for this service in a financial institution. To fix the Quicken error ol-294-a, you need to match the account service in Quicken with the bank. Here are the quick steps to resolve this error.
    · Firstly, log in to your Quicken account.
    · Click the Tool tab and choose the Account list.
    · Now click Edit that needs verification.
    · Now the Account Details menu opens, here make sure the account settings in Quicken should match with the services provided by the bank.
    · You can alter the details if it's needed.
    These steps will help you resolve the Quicken error code ol-294-a, and if the issue persists, then contact the Quicken experts.

  • pont a fan at it? the opening for the fans is blocked by the card next to it. risers and spread them out a bit.

  • Pfft. Open the case and point a fan at it :D

    Enclosures are also fairly easy to build. I could move the guts into something that was made of floor/wall registers and fans-a-plenty with no sweat. While the occupants of the room would be in hell from the heat discharge, and the fan noise, I won't be in the room with it :lol:

    I'm not looking to build a server rack (got enough music gear racks anyway), I'm looking at plugging my PC straight into it. While $50K will buy a lot of hookers and blow, there's no way I'd spend a nickel on either one when there's plenty to be had for free (well, maybe not nose-candy).

  • it's 2.8Ghz to keep the wattage down of the 20 cores. look at those poor graphics cards. you could probably fry an egg on them. for $50K i would expect better air flow than that!

  • Thanks for this - our 3D Anthropometry and Human Interface / Biometrics guys at work will no doubt have an accidental discharge when they see this. Maybe they'll be thankful and let me steal some time on it, like the guys in the 3D Proto shop do with the Connex 500 I sourced for them.

    And yes, I could think of more exciting, but much less long-term, things to do with 50K as well, LMAO.

  • I could probably think of 50,000 better uses for $50,000… lol

  • When I saw that, I had the same reaction. Until I realized I could just send anything I would make out to a render farm for less money and not have to pay $2400 a year for software maintenance or worry that the hardware became obsolete.

    With the ability to shoot a scene out to a render farm for a few bucks per frame, you need to be doing a lot of renders to justify more than a few thousand dollars per year on render-specific hardware. Which is cool because anybody can do it without winning the lottery.

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