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  • The UVs are different, but if you put a Belle 6 texture on a Victoria 6, the figure gets Belle 6 UVs, without needing extra software. So functionally, they all have the same UVs.

  • UV mapping is slightly different for V6 than G2F, as I understand it, and different between G2M and G2F. As well, I think some of the sub-figures are built from V6, which also gives them slightly different mapping from others.

    V5 was the best concept - one figure to do both male and female, always the same UV mapping, no surprises. I guess they saw the dollars in going back to the old Zygote days of every figure being uniquely mapped.

    Frankly I'm thinking that skin shaders is the best way to go. As long as material zones can be specified and you don't end up with some half-assed gradient shader being passed off as skin tone variance, or toon shaders.

  • You can put any Genesis 2 skin on any other, at least of the same sex. I haven't tried putting a G2F skin on a G2M. Hmmm…now I want to try.

  • Well if it's free I don't see why not get it. And they may be able to wear clothes but from what I've read, it's a different case when it comes to skins. As in skins for Belle 6 will not work on Victoria 6 even though they are both Genesis 2 subsets. Haven't been able to check that compatibility claim though, because I don't use DAZ.

  • All of the various Genesis and Genesis 2 meshes are compatible—you can put clothes for the Girl6 on Michael6 if you want.

    I'm debating downloading these because the GenX plugin that allows you to use V4 morphs on G2F requires V4 (I think). But otherwise, it seems like a waste of disk space at this point—either you have a give library of V4 stuff or you should just stick with the new stuff.

  • I don't think it was. And as for Victoria 5, that's old news. Now it's Genesis 2, which is split into Genesis 2 Male and Female, which in turn has fuck knows how many sub figures, Lilith, Keiko, Belle, Victoria 6 and others. So much for a unified figure.

  • Hasn't it always been free? Could have swore I got it with some free promotion ages ago…

    Victoria 5 is the new one, right?

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